Thursday, August 27, 2009

MAC: Makeup Art Cosmetics - Richard Phillips Lipsticks, Lipglasses & Blush

This post covers the remainder of the Richard Phillips collection for MAC - lipsticks, lipglasses and blush.
All items with the exception of High Strung lipstick are limited edition.

Swatches taken in natural light, NC 42 skin.

First column (lipsticks): Full Body
Second column (lipsticks): Front Lit, High Strung, Lovin It, Hold the Pose
Third column (lipglasses): Young Thing, New Spirit, Personal Taste, On Display
Fourth column (blush): Notable, The Perfect Cheek

Lipsticks ($16.50 CA/$14.00 US)
Full Body - deep red plum (lustre)
Front Lit - light white yellow (frost)
High Strung - deep pink silver (frost)
Lovin It - cool neutral with yellow undertone (lustre)
Hold the Pose - brown plum with gold pearl (lustre)

The lipsticks in this collection are on the sheer side but are very wearable. Front Lit is a light yellowish frost that will act well as a highlight layered on top of other colours. Full Body is the most "fall" shade of the bunch and is a well pigmented reddish plum. Surprisingly, I really liked High Strung, which is a very adult version of the pink frosts I used to wear in junior high. These lipsticks are supposed to amplify the natural colour of one's own lips, so if you are looking for opaque coverage, skip these.

Lipglasses ($16.50 CA/$14.00 US)
Young Thing - yellow neutral with gold pearl (frost)
New Spirit - light yellow coral (frost)
Personal Taste - dirty rose with pink & gold pearl (frost)
On Display - purple with yellow pearl (frost)

The lipglasses offer a good variety of colours, the standout being On Display which is a rich wine colour reminiscent of Jampacked from Cult of Cherry last year. It's also nice to see MAC putting out more peachy colours like New Spirit, which is a good alternative to the standard beige nude lip. Personal Taste is another nice colour, a sparkley rose which would be a great day-to-day colour. It remind me of a slightly more mauvey version of Pink Clash, which I believe came out with the Rocker collection.

Powder Blushes ($22.00 CA/$18.50 US)
Notable - dirty brick brown red (satin)
The Perfect Cheek - dirty pale pink (matte)

Notable is a very intense reddish colour that if applied correctly would look like a natural, ruddy flush - but if applied incorrectly could look...crazy. On darker skintones it would simply make the skin look glowy. The Perfect Cheek is a very pale beigey pink - at first I wasn't going to buy it because I didn't think it would show on my NC 35 skin. I purchased it anyways because I'm hoping it will give me some very subtle colour like Blooming did from Cult of Cherry. I almost wrote off Blooming too because of its paleness, but I'm glad I didn't because those extremely pale pinkish blushes are great colours to pair with really bold or dark lips. The blushes lightness helps prevent you from looking too "made up" while still providing some warmth to the cheek so you don't look washed out.


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