Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MAC Spring Colour Forecast - Online Now!

This release completely snuck up on me! Today MAC released their Spring Colour Forecast collections. That's right, collections. There are four of them. This is an enormous release.

Four collections based around four colours - pink, plum, coral and amber.

Spring Colour 1 Forecast Pink and Spring Colour 2 Forecast Coral both consist of four shadows, four lipsticks, three tinted lipglasses, a stacked pigment, a blush, a nail polish and a fragrance.

Spring Colour 3 Forecast Plum and Spring Colour 4 Forecast Amber both consist of an eyeshadow quad, two lipsticks, two tinted lipglasses, a blush and a nail polish.

Eyeshadows: Rosy Outlook, Very Violet, Hot Hot Hot and Straw Harvest.
Lipsticks: Laugh-a-lot, Pink Burst, Radicchio, Hang Up, Rose Maiden, Fresh Salmon, Colour Me Coral and Beigeland.
Lipglasses: Hush, Hush Rose, Electric Fuchsia, Kumquat and Cha Cha.
NEW PRODUCT! Stacked Pigments: These are a newish product - a cross between Solar Bits and a chunkier pigment. Each comes with four colours in four stackable containers. Stacked 1 and Stacked 2 are both picks for me.
NEW PRODUCT! Blush Ombres: Azalea Blossom and Ripe Peach.
Eyeshadow Quads: Colour 3 and Colour 4 are both picks for me.
Nail Lacquers: All four nail lacquers are picks.

Jill was invited to the MAC Spring Forecast Preview Party and to see what goodies she came away with, click here!

There is absolutely something in this collection for everyone! If you're in the market for new make-up you could do a lot worse than checking out MAC's Spring Colour Forecast.


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