Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tricks and Tips: YSL Fall/Winter 2009 Video

You  many be wondering why I'm writing a post on a video that is one year old. This video was recently brought to my attention by Cath, and although it is for an old collection (Fall/Winter 2009) it is completely worth watching for numerous tips and techniques that will make your game stronger in any season.
View this video here:

The artist in question is Val Garland, YSL's International Make-Up Artist whose excellent work can also be seen in Lady Gaga's Alejandro video. What impresses me so much about this video is the excellent technique Garland demonstrates while working on Canadian model Coco Rocha.

Here's a list of techniques and tricks to look out for in the video - many of you will know most of these already, but it's nice to see them in action in an editorial setting, where makeup needs to be both strong and perfect.

1. Blending and building up shadows to create softness, shape and depth.
2. Loose powder under the eye when building a smokey look.
3. Patting on eyeshadow to get density of colour.
4. Liquid liner to strengthen the eye shape for a smokey eye.
5. Foundation after heavy eyeshadow application.
6. Brow definition after eyeshadow application.
7. Using a small liner or eyeshadow brush to load on mascara.
8. Cheeks and lips last to balance out strong eye makeup.
9. Blend, blend, blend!

Of particular interest is the type of brushes Garland uses - to my eye they look to be all MAC!

Anybody else inspired by what they see?


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