Monday, March 26, 2012

FACE Atelier Facade Review and Swatches

FACE Atelier kindly sent Beauty Squared some samples of their new silicon lip stain, Facade, to try out.  Facade is a cheek and lip stain that comes in five shades and has a liquid-to-powder formula. 

Facade makes creams obsolete as its one-of-a-kind, silicone-based, liquid-to-powder formula provides translucent, non-streaking, buildable matte color that sets with a natural glow. Silky soft and extraordinarily light, Facade comes in five shades for face and lips.


  • extremely blendable with seamless, even application
  • ideal for use with high definition technology
  • long-lasting
  • slant tip for easy application
  • moisture and sebum resistant
  • longer drying time allows for movement and adjustments
  • fragrance and flavor free
  • 100% vegan
  • non-comedogenic
  • looks like liquid but applies like powder
  • will buff down to lightest hint of color or build to create intense shade
  • don't be afraid to mix shades to vary effect (add a touch of Livid to, or on top of Chameleon for a natural sun-kissed look)
  • tint lip or use as color base with lip glaze
  • start light and build intensity as required
  • sets without powder to a fresh, natural-looking finish

$26.00 each   8 ml/.33 fl oz

This was my first experience trying any of FACE Atelier's products.

The five shades of Facade are a great range of colours that can be used on the cheeks or lips as a "lit from within" sheer glow. Facade can appear very sheer or can be layered for a more dramatic effect. 

FACE Atelier Facade in Livid

FACE Atelier Facade in Cha Cha
FACE Atelier Facade in Godiva
FACE Atelier Facade in Chameleon
FACE Atelier Facade in Arabesque

I swatched the five Facade's on my arm. The texture is very smooth, almost not wet at all under my fingers. Once blended down into my skin, it turns into powder and balls up as I rub (see second photo). But it stains the skin, very very sheerly and can be reapplied for a more intense effect. Obviously, in the photos below, the colours are true since the skin on my arms doesn't have as much pigment as the skin on my face or on my lips.

L to R: Livid, Cha Cha, Godiva, Chameleon, Arabesque

L to R: Livid, Cha Cha, Godiva, Chameleon, Arabesque

I tried each shade on my lips but not on my cheeks (if it'll stain my lips, it'll certainly stain my cheeks).

And here is what each looks like on.

Cha Cha



I like the effect of Facade, although I prefer a lip product that has more moisture to it. My lips get quite dry. But the effect is very pretty and I like that you can layer them for more intensity. Topped with a sheer lip balm or gloss, it's very wearable and natural looking. 

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