Monday, January 7, 2013

MAC Powersurge Kohl Review and Swatches

MAC's Eye Kohl in Powersurge ($18 CDN) is an eyeliner I'd never heard of before and then suddenly it was popping up everywhere I looked. I had to check it out for myself. 

Powersurge is described as a bronzed-brown with golden shimmer. It's one I've always overlooked because nothing about it jumped out at me. I'm not a pencil eyeliner fan, apart from using it on the waterline or unless it's a dramatic colour

Upon closer inspection though, it's a lovely bronzy colour, not quite brown and not quite gold with a nice shimmer. Here it is swatched (NW15 skintone):

And another angle to show some of its depth.

And yet another angle. It's really a lovely, warm, shimmery, creamy colour when it's applied. I'm not surprised I overlooked it for so long but I'm also not surprised it's such a beloved product. 

The consistency is like most of the other MAC eyeliners I've tried, soft but not too soft, hard but not too hard and gentle enough to swipe easily on the waterline. 

I use it mostly on the waterline. It's a perfect shade for giving the eyes a smoky effect but without closing them in (perfect for smaller eye shapes). Its warm bronze colour is also great for enhancing blue, green, hazel and brown eyes. 

For those who like pencil liners, this would work well lining the eyes too. It's one of those perfect, shimmery almost-neutral, easy-to-wear colours and a pencil you want in your makeup bag, for sure.

Grade: A


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