Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beauty Squared Round-Up for August 3, 2014

Hello lovelies!

We've got a packed round-up for you this week. Are you ready? Comfortable? Have a drink? Good. Let's go!
  • People are excited about the new MAC Marge Simpson collection which was featured at San Diego's Comic Con recently. Check out the Marge makeover TV host Traci Stumpf received from MAC MUA John Stapleton.
  • We all love hacks, right? Here are 11 lipstick hacks, from repairing broken lipsticks to DIY stains using Kool Aid. 
  • Check out this lipstick/lipliner trick by Tracy from Beauty Reflections!
  • Makeup before and afters featuring some of the impressive transformations of the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. 
  • Speaking of transformations, look at what MUA Maria Malone-Guerbaa can create using just makeup. Just incredible!
  • Glitter Geek, Ariane shows us how she fills in her eyebrows for a natural but groomed finish. This is good for you if you have sparse or thin brow hairs. 
  • Buzzfeed has a list of inexpensive beauty finds that really work. 
  • Allure has a list of new beauty products specifically designed for curly hair
  • Are you planning a trip to Paris? If so, lucky you! While you're there you might want to check out some of the pharmacies for beauty scores. This article tells you what to look for. 
  • BlogTO has a list of Toronto's best cruelty-free makeup brands/stores
  • Makeup storage is a common problem and solutions are often very individual. Check out this chic and graphic DIY makeup storage solution.
  • The history of red lipstick
  • The legendary Pirelli calendar has cast its first plus-size model, Candace Huffine. 
  • Check out this Onion video, featuring Maybelline's brand new rubber latex mask, the new solution to achieving that perfect look with no fuss.
  • Since 1973, cases of melanoma in the US have increased 200%. Researchers blame a generation of sun worshippers. Wear sunscreen, and stay out of the sun, kids! It's that simple. 

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