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Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye Review, Photos and Swatches

My undereye circles are the bane of my existence. OK, that's an exaggeration, but really, I feel like nothing I do or try conceals my undereye circles well enough. My favourite undereye concealer is MAC's Pro Longwear but I don't love the fussiness of the container (not being able to control well the amount you get out and that it's challenging to open), so I've been trying some different ones. Make Up For Ever's Full Coverage Concealer doesn't do it for me in terms of texture and brightening, and now we come to Laura Mercier's High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye.

Laura Mercier's High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye is a unique 3-in-1 concealer that covers, de-puffs and brightens dark under eye circles. The highly pigmented formula builds and blends flawlessly for professional makeup artist results. Formulated with honey, vitamin E and fruit acid to nourish and smooth skin. A little goes a long way and lasts all day. 

0.27 oz $35 CDN

Some packaging photos.


The High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye comes in 12 shades and they're numbered, from 0.5 to 7, and the shades are described with undertones (light skin with pink undertones, dark skin with almond undertones, medium to tan skin with beige to yellow undertones, etc)

My shade is 0.5 - fair skin with beige to yellow undertones. 

It comes in a small squeeze tube, and I have to say that I love this packaging. I'm fond of the lid especially, for purely aesthetic reasons. It's a good size and shiny, and makes the packaging look expensive.

The tube has a very small opening for the product to come out. This is because the concealer is thick and because you need very, very little. It's the complete opposite of the MAC Pro Longwear packaging as it's nearly impossible to get too much product out. This is very smart packaging since there's so little possibility of wasting product.

They say that you need a pin head's worth of product only. Here is about that amount on the back of my hand (NW15 skintone).

Blended out a little so you can see the texture. It's thick and creamy and very pigmented.

And here it is blended out even more. The warmth of your skin helps to soften and blend out the concealer so it's spreadable and blendable.

As for the claims that it depuffs the eyes, I can't really speak to it's success or failure. I don't experience puffy eyes very often and the eye cream I use in the morning tends to get rid of any puffiness effectively, so I don't need an undereye concealer for it. I have read that other people find the High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye effective on their puffiness though, so hopefully that helps.

It does brighten effectively though. I think undereye concealers should always be brightening. Dark circles are almost impossible to successfully cover since the skin under your eyes is so thin and the darkness beneath it is so deep. Brightening elements to a concealer or using a subtle highlighter under the eyes draws light to the area, giving it a lighter quality. It really does make a big difference.

In the photo below, I'm wearing the concealer under my eyes. You can see that it doesn't fully cover my dark circles, but it minimizes them significantly. I'm happy with this undereye concealer, I think that it does what it says it does, what it needs to do, and it's good quality. 

It's buildable, though starting with a tiny amount is best. I do find that it likes to crease up on me, so setting it well with powder is a must, and wearing an undereye primer helps as well to keep it lasting longer. 

The Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye is $35 CDN per 0.27 tube and available wherever Laura Mercier products are for sale (IE. Sephora).

Grade: B

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