Friday, October 16, 2015

Wayne Goss The Anniversary Set First Impressions!

Well dear readers, I finally pulled the Wayne Goss trigger yesterday. I have been eyeing his brush collection for a year or so now, but kept putting off getting it because of our steadily tanking dollar. But when a few days ago I got an email from Beautylish inviting me to get early access to Goss's The Anniversary Set, I couldn't (didn't want to) hold out any longer.

Wayne Goss The Anniversary Set brushes #1- #5 (bottom to top)

The Anniversary Set, which as the name suggests, celebrates two years of Wayne Goss's brushes. This limited edition set ($225.00 US) is identical to the original Collection with two exceptions. The first being that Goss enlarged brush #1 a slanted, duo fibre foundation brush by 4x. The second being that The Anniversary Set includes an updated (and now permanent) version of brush #5, a pencil tipped eye brush.

I ordered these Wednesday morning from Beautylish and literally got them Thursday afternoon, so I haven't had any time to test or try these yet. So consider this post a sneak peak/first impression of the set with a full review to come later. I was just so excited to finally get my hands on these that I wanted to share the pictures right away! As stated by the man himself, all Goss's brushes are hand crafted by artisans in Japan and each brush takes over 20 people to make.

Brush #1

My only thoughts about brush #1 is that if the Anniversary version is 4x bigger than the original #1, the original #1 must be tiny because in my opinion the Anniversary version of #1 is normal/average sized for a slanted foundation brush. This brush is exclusinve to The Anniversary Set and is limited edition.

Brush #2

Brush #2 is a small domed, tear drop shaped brush which is good for precision powdering, highlighting or contouring.

Brush #3

Brush #4

Brush #3 and #4 are pointed creases brushes, #3 is larger and thicker and both brushes are for applying washes and blending.

Brush #5

Brush #5 is the other new addition to the set and will be a permanent replacement for the old #5. It is a small, finely pointed pencil brush which can be used to cut the crease or line the eyes.

Brush #6

Goss's version of the MAC 217, made for applying washes and blending. Soft and floppy. 

Brush #7

Brush #7 is a minuscule flat shader. This would be good for highlighting the tear duct and according to Wayne, also good for doing your brows and lips.

Brush #8

Again another minuscule brush! (I'm getting the idea that Wayne loves small brushes.) This time it's a tiny, tiny, tiny push liner. According to Wayne you can tight line your eyes expertly with powder and this brush.

Stay tuned for my full review!


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  1. OMG!!! These brushes are so pretty. Who would not want to own these??? Gotta grab for my own and start collecting :)