Friday, March 26, 2010

Beautiful Ones: Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks stars as sultry office manager Joan Holloway on TMN's award-winning Mad Men and whose breasts have nearly everyone talking. But we're not focusing on her extraordinary, difficult-to-ignore figure here, just her lovely head!

As Joan Holloway, Christina's look is late 1950s-early 1960s office professional - liquid eyeliner, matte eyeshadow tones and rosy lips. The attention to detail in the set design, costumes and styling on Mad Men is amazing and every effort is made to hit the nail on the head using only make-up women would have used in late 1950s and early 1960s.

Playing on her look on Mad Men, she's often styled as a modernized Joan Holloway. In this photo she's got her hair in an updo that looks similar to Joan's but much more sexy and messy and contemporary. Her eyeliner is darker and her skin has a glow to it unlike Joan's matte face.This is a great make-up tip if you're inspired by retro styles - updating it with modern textures and colours will give you that retro look without looking dated.

On the red carpet, Christina likes to play with her make-up but sticks to simple and sophisticated looks like rosy cheeks and lips and lined eyes. Here her lips and cheeks are quite natural and her eyes pop with a bit of smudgy liner and coppery shadow which both make her blue eyes pop and echo her hair colour.

Here, tousled curls a la bedhead with rosy cheeks and lips with vampy, grey smoky eyes that match her dress.

Dressed in one of her favourite shades (red) she rocks natural lips and cheeks and a shimmery smoky eye in coppers and warm browns. Warm tones make her blue eyes pop and smoky eyes make anyone look sexy. Christina gets that she's sexy wearing no make-up so she sticks to sophisticated and sultry as opposed to all out sexy with her make-up.

Here, she's got her hair in a slightly bouffant up-do and her eyes are sleekly smudgy in black and gunmetal. Her cheeks are naturally rosy and her lips are berry-stained.

Wearing a pale peach Christian Siriano gown at the 2010 Golden Globes, her make-up is focused on the lips (WE'RE LOOKING AT THE LIPS HERE, PEOPLE, ON THE LIPS!) with a bold lip tone (some photos it looks red and others it's more rosy) and pretty flushed cheeks.

Wearing an emerald gown at the 2009 Emmy Awards, her make-up look was a more dramatic and contemporary sex kitten look, not unlike her Joan Holloway look but with lots of  cat-eye eyeliner and peachy lips and cheeks.

Christina makes the most of her delicate features and gorgeous creamy skin by not overdoing her make-up. Here are some photos of simple, barely there make-up looks that still make her look polished and gorgeous.

Here she's got almost nothing on her eyes but a bit of neutral shadow.

And here she is with a bolder lip and a touch of silvery-taupe shadow (and darker hair).

And here in a magazine photo with a very pretty, very natural make-up look and nearly blonde hair. Personally I prefer her as a redhead!

Christina Hendricks, you are a goddess, head to toe. Thank you for the inspiration!


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