Monday, March 15, 2010

MAC Spring Forecast Collection: Stacked 1! and Stacked 2!

The most exciting part of MAC's Spring Forecast Collection for me was the Stacked! crush metal pigments. Two were introduced with the names Stacked 1! and Stacked 2! which tell you absolutely nothing about the colours or the product, but anyway, no matter. I am a sucker for loose pigment eyeshadows - they're just little pots of sparkle and irresistible to me!

The Stackeds come in two stacked containers with each individual container about the size of a regular MAC eyeshadow.

Stacked 1!

Stacked 2!

The texture of these are creamy, similar to MAC's Solar Bits but without the chunky bits of glitter. They're highly frosted and oh so pretty! Stacked 1! has 2 pinks - a medium-pink with warm sparkle and a soft pink that looks much icier when swatched (see below). Stacked 1! also has 2 purple shades - a deep royal purple with multi-tone sparkle and an icy lavender.

Stacked 2! has two soft gold-tan shades that don't look all that different but one is slightly more peach in tone than the other.  The other two pigments are green-toned golds - one a yellow-gold with a hint of green and the other an soft olive-gold.

I'm in love with these. Stay tuned for a look or two using these. Do you have any suggestions for how to use these?


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