Thursday, July 8, 2010

HerCut: Haircare For Your Haircut: The Bob Reviewed

I lusted after HerCut: Haircare For Your Haircut back in January and I finally picked some up recently. I chose The Bob Catalyst for my hair, which I currently wear in an angled bob. This product (and the others of HerCut) is designed not for your hair, but for your haircut. It makes sense, doesn't it? Most of us wear our hair in a way that works with our hair. Most of us also don't have hairstylists to do our hair for us every day and make it look like they cut it to look. That's where HerCut comes in. It's meant to work with your hair cut, so for example, The Bob Catalyst enhances forward flowing angular movement and clean geometric lines.

HerCut also make styling products for Long Layers, The Blunt, The Pixie and The Shag as well as shampoo and conditioner for all.

Photos of the delightful packaging:

On one side of the box there's a little history lesson of the bob. "Joan of Arc. Flappers and china girls...Suffragettes and speakeasies. Wartime and good times....60's mod. Disco, long playing. Keep your edge with this cut-enhancing cocktail."

Instructions on the top of the cap.

Front of the bottle.

Back of the bottle.

Side of the bottle.

Close-up of the top. Pump to the left, dual opening to the right.

The product in its two parts on the back of my hand.

Here's the product description: 

This groundbreaking, heat-activated formula's patent-pending technology fits the unique technical requirements of a long layered cut, for optimal tress performance. Its macromolecular complex creates interactions between the hair fibers via a system of charges that impel the cut to behave brilliantly. The innovative dual dispenser delivers a balanced combination of polymers and collaterals, each of which would be unstable as a single-phase product. Once dispersed, equal amounts of the cream and clear combine to spread evenly throughout damp hair.

What I thought:

I like this product a lot. I noticed a difference the first time I used it. It's summer in Toronto right now and it's always quite humid here so I've pretty much given up on my hair looking completely smooth and sleek and flowing forward or staying that way all day. With HerCut, my hair was sleeker, smoother and much more the way it looks after it's cut, immediately after I've finished blowdrying it. HerCut doesn't feel heavy at all in my hair and it's easy to use. Even though it is in two separate parts when it comes out of the bottle, you simply work it between your hands before applying it to your damp hair. 

It's more expensive than I'd normally pay for hair product ($30+ CDN) especially since you can't control how much (or how little) you use.

The scent is very pleasant, I love it, in fact and I'm more than happy that my hair smells this good.

Has anyone tried HerCut for their hair? What did you think?



  1. Long layers is a rip off. Stick with any other high end product for half the price.

  2. I actually love the long layers catalyst. I don't have to wash my hair nearly as often and my hair is filled with volume with really defined layers. I think you need to play with the exact amount you use to determine what works best for your hair. I use 2 pumps every time. When I used 3 pumps, I was disappointed. In addition, HerCut shampoos and conditioners are the best I've ever used!