Sunday, January 9, 2011

Adora BatBrat

This is Adora BatBrat. She is a goth, although I am not 100% sure exactly what is and isn't a goth* just as I'm not 100% sure what is and what isn't a hipster. To me Adora looks like a dark fairy, not so much a vampire, although of course, our idea of vampire, as well as goth is changing. 

Ah well, here she is on the cover of GOTH magazine so we'll go with that. Oh and in her adorable Swedish accent she refers to herself as the Goth makeup queen of YouTube.

*if any readers out there know more about Goth, please, feel free to educate me.

Adora BatBrat is from Sweden, does make-up tutorials on YouTube and has her own website as well. Her look may not be one that I will ever adopt but I have to admire her creativity. I thought I took a long time to get ready in the morning but this makeup must trump my time.

Her look is a combination of fantasy, fairy and goth and she transforms herself into an otherwordly creature. Although, I could never make my self look like this without being in costume, I can't fault her passion or her creativity. There is something lovely albeit dark and strange about her looks and I admire her vision.

So what do you think? Is this your style? Does Adora BatBrat scare you or inspire you?



  1. She's very creative albeit a tad scary especially with those eyebrows. I she would be really pretty without all that stuff on but GO CREATIVITY!

  2. Love it. I have a secret fascination with goth style, although I'm nowhere near goth myself. I actually think her look is really beautiful in a very extreme out there kind of way. Great post Cath, nice to see some alternative style in the world of make up!


  3. I've already know her.I think she's beautiful. I visited her web and see many videos of her.

    if i could, i'd dress like her. im just a porcelain doll. but she's a lady of shadows. i guess i should write a story about her as a fairy tale character.

  4. La mas bella de todas, gracias adora por tus consejos :)

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