Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tom Ford White Patchouli Eau de Parfum Review

Every Christmas it set out to the mall to cross off a few of the names on your gift list and by the end of the trip you realize you've manged to buy yourself as many gifts as you've bought your friends and family.

Well this year I "gifted" myself a bottle of Tom Ford`s White Patchouli EDP during Sephora's 20% VIB event. I've wanted this fragrance since it's debut in 2008, but since I always own at least 15 bottles of perfume at any given time, I always found a reason not to buy it. Not this year!

According to Ford, White Patchouli:

"Opens energetically sparkling notes of bergamot blended with delicate white peony and spicy coriander accents make an instant play for attention. The alluring and modern heart unfolds in sequence: rich rose absolute, carnal night blooming jasmine, and the stimulating ambrette seed. Precious patchouli orpur infuses the finish with exotic depth. Its stimulating sensual pull is enriched by a medley of blonde woods and the soft eastern aroma of incense."

Now, I'm not a fragrance expert, so I can't speak to all the exotic descriptions of the notes in this perfume. What I can say about it is that it is big, heady, earthy, warm and sensual. I can smell the spice, rose, and wood notes which layer over the heart of patchouli. I have to say I was actually surprized that I liked this perfume given that I usually hate patchouli. Patchouli always made me think of suspect vials of grubby looking oil being sold in health food or weed paraphernalia stores. That and the overwhelming smell of dirt emanating from the equally grubby looking dreadlocked middle class teenagers that wore it back in the day.

But I digress...Tom Ford's take on patchouli is lush, complex and very adult. Although White Patchouli is definitely more accessible than Black Orchid, it's still a bit of a challenge - a very bold woody fragrance in a culture of light, predominantly sweet fruity florals. Other blogger's have noted that White Patchouli doesn't last on them, but I find I don't have this problem. I find the fragrance to be so strong off that bat that I wouldn't spritz more than once. White Patchouli lasts easily the whole day on me, and I actually like it better as it wears down and becomes more subtle. 



  1. Ford is a genius. I am keen to smell this scent.

  2. I think Ford is a genius too. Have you tried Black Orchid?