Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rococo Nail Apparel in Baby Punk Creme Review and Photos

Rococo Nail Apparel is exclusive to Space NK and I bought Baby Punk Creme while in New York City a few months ago. 

Rococo Nail Apparel is a cult brand, and as such, predicts the trends rather than follows them. The packaging is just lovely and unlike any other nail product packaging I've seen before. A little excessive but for a $16.50 US nailpolish, you want something fancy, right?

Baby Punk Creme is described as a not-so-innocent Pink. I love the name, it sounds edgy and girly at the same time. 

Application-wise it applies evenly and smoothly although I found the consistency to be a bit on the thin side. The below application is three coats. The colour is a slightly intense pink with a touch of orange to it. It's definitely girly but with an edge. I bet it'd look fantastic paired with a dark metallic gray, a soft gray or a black.

Wear-wise it lasted over a week before I started seeing significant wear at the tips. This was on my toes, so polish tends to last longer there than on my fingers. 

Sorry about the foot photo. Nice bunyans, right?

I liked this product a lot. Apart from the thin consistency of the polish, I found no shortcomings. Colour-wise, I am not sure how "me" it is, but I'll try to pair it with a grey or black and see if it suits me better. 

Grade: B

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