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Pari Beauty Ever Youthful Anti-Aging, Mineral Perfection, Precious Glow and Colour Cubes Review and Photos

I was sent some Pari products recently to try out. Pari is a mineral beauty line available in Sears stores. The following is taken from their Facebook page:

Introducing Pari Beauty, a comprehensive line of prestige quality color cosmetics and advanced skin care products. Pari Beauty cosmetics are performance formulas covering a full range of basic and trend shades across all beauty categories: eyes, face and lips. We believe that beauty starts with healthy skin and have specifically formulated and designed our skin care line to serve as the perfect co
mplement to achieving beautiful makeup. Our skin care products have been developed with our scientific knowledge and understanding that has resulted in technologically advanced formulas and unique combinations of active ingredients to deliver performance and results. Our skin care line works from a preventative and maintenance standpoint to delay the onset of wrinkles and premature aging while keeping skin healthy and radiant.

In addition to superior formulas, we are committed to offering our products at an irresistible value. Pari Beauty offers the quality and performance of prestige beauty brands but at pricing that is truly exceptional and accessible to makeup students, makeup professionals, and consumers.

It is through our dedication to the education and craftsmanship of the professional makeup artist, unique discussions with makeup artist schools and with our own experience in the beauty industry that we have learned the “tricks of the trade” and the “essential product tools” needed to create a beautiful face. Pari Beauty is proud to bring these unique, behind the scenes beauty tips and key products to the consumer.

Pari refers to a heavenly beautiful woman. Pari Beauty represents the heavenly beauty that exists in all women of all cultures and backgrounds. The seasoned founders of Pari Beauty bring over 30 years of related experience in makeup artistry, beauty retailing, consumer products, and product manufacturing.

Pari Beauty proudly does not test on animals. In addition, we try to use 100% recyclable packaging and the finest quality ingredients available.

I was sent a bottle of their Ever Youthful Anti-Aging Moisturizer, some of their Mineral Perfection Cream To Powder Foundation, some of their Precious Glow highlighter and a stack of pigment colours.

Pari Beauty Ever Youthful Anti-Aging Moisturizer: A protective, luxurious moisturizer that delays the onset of premature aging while keeping skin soft, supple, nourished and young-looking. It contains oat beta-glucan which tightens and lifts the skin, promotes wrinkle reduction and increases hydration. Hydrolyzed potato protein reduces the loss of structure and elasticity of skin tissue, inhibits collagen degradation and inhibits elastase activity. Zea Mays extract firms the skin's extra-cellular matrix and reducing the appearance of crow's feet, stimulates the synthesis of fibroblast fibronectin and reorganizes the extracellular matrix to increase the thickness of the skin. Sodium hyaluronate enables the skin to retain moisture.

$39 for 50 mL/1.7 fl. oz.

Review: A rich, but not heavy cream, the Ever Youthful moisturizer goes on very smoothly and absorbs readily. The texture is of medium-thickness and I need 1/2 - 3/4 of a teaspoon to cover my entire face and throat. I wore this overnight for a week at the time of writing this review and found my skin to feel quite supple in the morning. This would work nicely during the day, in fact, even more so as it's cold weather in Toronto right now so the heat is turned up and the cold air are making my skin thirstier than ever. 

Mineral Perfection in MP 51 Ivory: Delivers all day coverage with a unique cream to powder formulation which instantly softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines with a natural finish. Talc and paraben-free. Mineral Perfection contains Dermaxyl, which smoothes wrinkles and stimulates anti-aging peptides. Collagen Tripeptide improves the appearance of wrinkles and stimulates synthesis of fibroblast fibronectin. Comes in a mirrored compact with a sponge. 


Wearing Mineral Perfection

Review: This is a medium coverage foundation that goes on smoothly. It applies well with a foundation brush as well as with the sponge it comes with. It covered well, with a creamy finish. It claims to have a powder finish but I didn't notice much of this. It did set after a little while but I had to set it with a loose powder, just as I would any cream or liquid foundation. I applied it over the areas of my face that tend to be quite pink - my nose, the areas around my nose, my chin, my forehead and the blotchy patch on my lower right cheek. Wear-wise, this didn't last all day. My skin is oily and even with a primer underneath, this got very patchy on my nose and between my eyebrows by midday. You could literally see the product melting off my face and my chin looked all but bare. I would recommend this for skin that is less oily as mine. 

Precious Glow: A liquid shimmer lotion has a quick-setting formula making it ideal as an eye primer or for mixing with eyeshadow for a more intense look. It can be mixed with lotion or foundation for a sun-kissed bronzed look or as an illuminating highlighter.

Contains titanium dioxide which delivers brightness and refractive properties and provides natural UV protection. Mica provides a silky and luxurious feel, a smooth, even finish and delivers a healthy glow which deflects light away from fine lines and wrinkles.

$15 for 10 mL/0.33 fl. oz.

Review: This is a very sheer liquid highlighter that can be blended with a liquid foundation, worn as an eye primer or worn as a highlighter. As you can see in the photos above, when blended out it's very subtle, more of a natural highlight. As an eye primer, it doesn't work very well with my oily skin, but for eyelids that are dryer, it would. It provide enough sheen that it could be worn on its own on the eyes for a soft shimmer. I wore it as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones and on my browbone and found it not so different from the natural sheen of my skin. 

8 Stack Colour Cubes in Punky Brewster: Specially designed Stardust towers provide a combination of intense, pearlescent, loose powder colours designed to inspire the ultimate creativity and design. These natural mineral powders are formulated to provide both a rich and luxurious feel with light diffusing properties. 

5 stack for $30/8 stack for $35

From L-R: First, third and fifth swatches are dry.
Second, fourth and sixth swatches are wet.

From L-R: First, third and fifth swatches are dry.
Second, fourth and sixth swatches are wet.

From L-R: First and third swatches are dry.
Second and fourth swatches are wet.

Review: The Colour Cubes are loose powder pigments with lots of sparkle. They can be used wet or dry and I've swatched them both ways in the photos below. They all have a tonne of colour and are more intense wet than dry. The red shades, when combined with water, will stain the skin slightly. These are fun sparkly colours than can be worn on their own or with other eyeshadow products. 

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