Thursday, September 3, 2015

NYX Shadow Stick Eye Pencils Rose Gold and Almond Review, Photos and Swatches

I love eyeshadow pencils. They're so easy to use, easy to store and so perfect for summer, or anytime for a smudgy, sexy, quick look. They're easy to pop into your handbag for carrying with you and don't require any brushes. 

Sadly, they tend to be a trendy thing for brands and there isn't a lot of selection for shades. NYX carries a fairly good range of shades in both their Jumbo Eye Pencil line and their Infinite Shadow Stick lines. 

This post will look at two of the NYX Infinite Shadow Sticks - Rose Gold and Bronze. I'm not sure what the difference between the Jumbo Eye Pencils and the Infinite Shadow Sticks are though the Jumbo Eye Pencils come in bolder shades (32 shades - green, blue, purple) as well as more neutral shades (nine shades in grey, brown and creams) and the Infinite Shadow Sticks come in much softer, neutral shades (the most dramatic shades are black and a soft pink). The Jumbo Eye Pencils ($4.50) are half the price of the Infinite Shadow Sticks ($9 US) and there are variations in their ingredients, but they do the same thing in the end. 

Here's how NYX describes the Infinite Shadow Sticks:

Infinitely awesome this shadow stick glides on easily and stays put. Waterproof and smudgeproof, you can really make this look last and last without creasing, flaking or fading. Have fun with an assortment of shades that will really make a statement day or night.

I like using eyeshadow pencils to do smudgy, sultry looks, so the two I choose were Rose Gold, which actually reads more orange than rose gold, and Almond, a pearly taupe. I was disappointed that there weren't darker greys and browns in the Infinite Shadow Stick selection. So much for smudgy and sultry. 

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Rose Gold

This is the Rose Gold Shadow Stick. There's definitely some rose and definitely a hint of gold, but overall, I see orange. Which isn't a terrible thing, since orange is an excellent complement to blue eyes but I do have already have an orange eye pencil and I actually don't typically wear orange on my eyes alot. I know it's complementary, but it's ORANGE. It's obvious.

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Rose Gold swatched (NW15 skintone)
Here it is on my face in what Raja, of Rupaul's Drag Race fame, calls "garage door eyeshadow". Don't judge, Raja! How else am I going to show my readers what this eyeshadow looks like?

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Rose Gold

In these photos I'm wearing Rose Gold on my top lids, and Almond along my lower lash line. As you can see, there's a nice, subtle sheen to both of them. 

The texture of Rose Gold is slightly on the dry side, so it does tug at the skin around my eye a little more than I'd like. It is possible to use a brush to apply it instead to cut down on this. But if not, it's blendable using your fingers and it sets, so it does not budge. I always use an eye primer, and Rose Gold stays put for at least 12 hours. When my Urban Decay Primer Potion starts to give up, that's when I might see Rose Gold start to crease, but really, 12 hours and I'm still wearing it? It's time to wash my face at that point.

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Rose Gold

Let's look at Almond. It's a super-soft bronze shade that's very easy to wear. Bronze is in right now, don't you know? 

It's not terrifically dramatic, but if you want an easy-to-wear shade and you've got fair to medium skin, you could do worse than Almond. It's also a good base for a more dramatic look.
NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Almond
Almond is a lovely mix of gold and medium brown, and like Rose Gold, applies slightly on the dry side so it does tug at the skin more than I'd like it to. I need to work quickly to blend it as well, since it doesn't take long to set. 

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Almond
I like the shade of Almond more than Rose Gold. I pair Almond with my Tarte SmolderEYES pencils for smudgy smoky eyes, and it's an easy shade to slap on quickly for a simple day look as well. 

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Almond
It's a pretty, subtle metallic shade that would suit lighter skintones. It works well as a base, and lasts a long time. 
NYX Infinite Shadow Stick in Almond

For the price, the NYX Shadow Sticks are great value. I just wish there were deeper, richer colour options. These two are a bit on the dry side, but they set well and stay set for a long time.

Grade: B

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