Thursday, August 27, 2009

MAC: Make-Up Art Cosmetics - Marilyn Minter

In Total: 9 pieces (4 Glitters, 4 Pigments, 1 Clear Gloss)

Please note that all colour descriptions are my own.

Swatches taken in natural light on NW20 skin tone.
L-R: Heritage Rouge, Cocomotion, Push the Edge, Brash & Bold, Reflects Copper, Reflects Rust, Fuchsia, Gold

Gold - True Gold Glitter
Fuchsia - Royal Purple Glitter
Reflects Copper - Saffron Fine Glitter
Reflects Rust - Pink-Red Fine Glitter
Glitter from L-R: Reflects Copper, Reflects Rust, Fuchsia, Gold

Push the Edge - Deep Royal Purple (Frost)
Cocomotion - True Gold (Frost)
Brash & Bold - Bright Fuchsia (Frost)
Heritage Rouge - Warm Plum-Burgundy (Frost)

Pigments from L-R: Heritage Rouge, Cocomotion, Push the Edge, Brash & Bold

Clear Gloss

I LOVED this collection and continue to love it more and more the more I look at it. I'm a big fan of MAC pigments because I'm a sucker for loose powder eyeshadows and these are a big bang for your buck.

The Glitters is perhaps the only MAC product that is so tempting to buy but once you're home you're not sure how to use it. They advise about using these near your eyes, so these are best for your hair, body and fingernails.

It is difficult to resist buying this whole collection, regardless of how you'd use it in reality - the colour and textures are divine.

Marilyn Minter is a photographer, and the one artist of the three feature in Fall 09 whose aesthetic I believe best fits the MAC philosophy. Minter's photographs are stylized messy glamour and highly erotic as a result. Stilettos, smudged eyeliner, wet skin - she loves highlighting imperfections and "mistakes" - so her collection is one that you can play with. It's nearly impossible to not be at least a little messy with the Pigments and the Glitters.

Cocomotion and Heritage Rouge Pigments are great basic colours for any season and any make-up stash and they're my must haves from this collection. Push the Edge is a lustworthy colour with depth and Brash & Bold is a intense, dramatic fuchsia that may scare most away but is definitely sparking my creative juices. Pinks can be a tough colour to wear but always remember that black can save you whether it be in an eyeliner or a shadow.

The Glitters, as I said, are more of a specialty item. Don't be surprised if you buy one and never use it! That being said, the Reflects Glitters are more wearable (being of a finer consistency) than the regular Glitters and the colours are intense and gorgeous!


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