Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beauty Squared Round-Up - March 31, 2013

Here's your weekly round-up of beauty news, links and fun stuff found on teh Interwebs!

The Glitter Geek takes a look at two of the gorgeous and bright MAC Fashion Sets lipsticks - Ablaze and Silly.

The 5 Rules of Bright Lipstick - just in time for spring!

Have you ever wondered how many swipes are in a tube of lipstick?
A beauty tip from Drew Barrymore - witch hazel facial wipes.

 What's the story, morning glory? How to look and feel fresh and rested when you wake up.

Not all round-ups from fashion weeks are that great, but this one is: Glamour's backstage beauty ideas from the Fall 2013 runway.  
Have you ever posted a not-so-pretty selfie on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? You're not alone. Ugly is the New Pretty: How Unattractive Selfies Took Over the Internet
Is makeup intimidating? Do you want to try something but don't know wear to start? You may find some tips in How to start wearing makeup.
If you've ever dyed your hair red, you know how quickly the colour can fade with regular washing and styling. Pureology has a new line of hair care that promises to extend the life of your flaming locks.
A trick for getting the super-shiniest hair that ever gleamed. It's not clean and simple, but it works!
 Summer is coming and that means we'll have to expose skin, even if we don't want to. This may help your confidence a little - how to prevent and treat bacne.

Friday, March 29, 2013

MAC Fashion Sets Preview and Photos

M·A·C Fashion Sets
Available online March 28, 2013
Available in stores April 4, 2013 through May 23, 2013

M·A·C Fashion Sets flash forward with bold and beautiful brights – shades that pop with a vivid edge and modern vibe. Four distinctive sets feature five impactful ways to wear Lipstick, Lipglass, Lip Pencil, Eye Shadow and Nail Lacquer. Brilliant colour ways set the tone for a season of sophisticated looks that stand out in their allure. From the bright orange apricot of Ablaze to the fuchsia flash of Embrace Me – the overall effect is stunning in its deep, rich infusion of powerful pigments. 

Ablaze Eyeshadow
Mid-tone coral (matte)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Embrace Me Eyeshadow
Soft pink (satin)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Heroine Eyeshadow
Bright cobalt blue (matte)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Silly Eyeshadow
Clean blue pink (frost)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Ablaze Lip Pencil 
Bright apricot
$18 CDN/$15 US

Embrace Me Lip Pencil
Vivid pinkish fuchsia
$18 CDN/$15 US

Heroine Lip Pencil
Bright purple
$18 CDN/$15 US

Silly Lip Pencil
Bright pink
$18 CDN/$15 US

Ablaze Lipglass
Bright orange (cream)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Embrace Me Lipglass
Bright fuchsia (cream)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Heroine Lipglass
Bright purple (cream)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Silly Lipglass
Bright pink (cream)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Ablaze Lipstick

Bright apricot cream (matte)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Embrace Me 

Bright fuchsia cream (matte)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Heroine Lipstick
Bright violet/purple (matte)

$18 CDN/$15 US

Silly Lipstick 
Bright pink cream (matte)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Ablaze Nail Lacquer
Bright orange cream
$19 CDN/$16 US
Embrace Me Nail Lacquer
Bright fuchsia cream
$19 CDN/$16 US

Heroine Nail Lacquer
Bright violet cream
$19 CDN/$16 US

Silly Nail Lacquer
Bright pink cream
$19 CDN/$16 US

MAC Baking Beauties Preview and Photos

M·A·C Baking Beauties
Available online April 11, 2013
Available in stores April 18, 2013 through May 26, 2013 (limited edition)

M·A·C loves everything about a cupcake. Face Powder arrives in exclusively designed cupcake patterns, and Lustre Drops create a luminous finish. Pro Longwear Paint Pots add a touch of dazzle. Haute & Naughty Lash delivers two-in-one coverage. Lipstick lays it on soft and tempting in tones including Devil’s Food and Raspberry Swirl. Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm provides nutrient-rich moisture. Nail Lacquer decorates in glittering Bleu Velvet and Pistachio Crème. And for professional results, two limited-edition brushes with pastel accents. Hello, cupcake!

129SE Powder/Blush Brush
$42 CDN/$35 US

252SE Large Shader Brush
$37.50 CDN/$31.00 US

Pink Glitter
Bright pink 
$25 CDN/$21 US

Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter
 Sparkling white with turquoise
$25 CDN/$21 US

Haute & Naughty Black Mascara
$23.50 CDN/$20 US

Devil’s Food Lipstick
Glossy deep plum (frost) 
$18 CDN/$15 US

Raspberry Swirl Lipstick
Light white blue pink (cremesheen)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Pure Decoration Lipstick
Light white peach (cremesheen)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Lavender Whip Lipstick
Light cool lavender (cremesheen)
$18 CDN/$15 US

Pink Rebel Lustre Drops
Blue pink with gold pearl 
$25 CDN/$21 US

Baking Beauty Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm
Creamy light peach
$22.50 CDN/$19.50 US

Cheery Cheery Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm
Creamy mid-tone blue pink
$22.50 CDN/$19.50 US

Glacé Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm 
Creamy pale baby blue
$22.50 CDN/$19.50 US

Sweet Tooth Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm
Creamy lilac
$22.50 CDN/$19.50 US

Bleu Velvet Nail Lacquer
Light periwinkle blue (cream)
$19 CDN/$16 US

Confectionary Nail Lacquer
Light blue pink (cream)
$19 CDN/$16 US

Pistachio Crème Nail Lacquer
Light teal mint (cream)
$19 CDN/$16 US

In for a Treat Pearlmatte Face Powder
Champagne base with matte coral flower and mint leaves
$34 CDN/ $29 US

Pink Buttercream Pearlmatte Face Powder
Light silvery pink base with dark pink flowers and periwinkle leaves
$34 CDN/ $29 US

Dangerous Cuvée Pro Longwear Paint Pot
Frosted cool grey
$22 CDN/$18.50 US

Fancy Frosting Pro Longwear Paint Pot
 Frosted white
$22 CDN/$18.50 US

Let’s Skate Pro Longwear Paint Pot
Pale pink with pearl
$22 CDN/$18.50 US

Mooncake Pro Longwear Paint Pot
Warm beige
$22 CDN/$18.50 US

Éclair Pro Longwear Paint Pot
 Light chocolate with gold pearl
$22 CDN/$18.50 US