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Yves Rocher Anti-Age Global Review and Photos

Yves Rocher kindly sent Beauty Squared it's new Anti-Age Global skincare line for review.

I have only tried Yves Rocher products once before when I received a sample of moisturizer in a Luxe Box. I remember really liking the texture and effect of it, so I was excited to receive some more to try.

I received the Anti-Age Global Night cream, the Anti-Age Global Day cream and the Anti-Age Global Eye Care cream.

Here's what Yves Rocher has to say about the Anti-Age Global Complete Anti-aging Night Care. It claims to repair and nourish the skin while you sleep. This anti-aging night skincare is designed for women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about the appearance of aging on their skin. Skin appears visibly firmer and radiant with use.

It comes in a 50 mL/1.6 fl. oz. container and retails for $64 CDN but at the time of writing this review, it is available online for $35 CDN.

Ingredients list

Review: I really like this cream and have been wearing it every night. It's got a wonderful rich, non-oily texture and absorbs very quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft, not greasy or heavy like so many night moisturizers can. I don't have to do much massaging at all to get it absorbed. My skin feels firmer almost immediately. In the morning my skin feels just as smooth and soft as it did when I first applied the moisturizer and after washing, it feels less tight and dry. Appearance-wise, my skintone is more even. 

The fragrance is floral but not overpowering and I don't notice it after applying it. 

Grade: A+

Anti-Age Global Complete Anti-aging Day Care claims to protect, smooth wrinkles and regenerate the skin's appearance. This anti-aging day skincare provides protection, visibly firmer and denser skin and perfectly moisturizes the skin. 

Anti-Age Global Complete Anti-aging Day Care comes in the same size as the night cream, 50 mL/1.6 fl.oz and retails for $64 CDN, although at the time of this review, it was for sale online for $34 CDN.  
ingredient list

Review: I don't tend to wear a daytime moisturizer these days and opt for a BB cream. My skin is pretty oily in the t-zone so wearing a daytime moisturizer is largely unnecessary and a recipe for a shine disaster. I did test this cream on the rare days I do not wear makeup. It should be noted that there is no SPF to this day cream, which automatically gets it a thumbs down in my book.

Texture-wise this was lighter than the night cream which can be expected of a day cream. But just like the night cream, it absorbs like a dream, with barely any effort on my part to massage it in. Simply glide it across your skin with your fingers and it melts right in, leaving the skin feeling smooth, silky and hydrated. There's a slight cooling effect too which is very pleasant. There's no residual shine to the skin since the product absorbs so readily. Instead, my skin had a healthy glow.

It wore well enough on me, though on my t-zone, it made my skin shinier and oilier after a few hours. But that happens with all moisturizers.

The fragrance is the same as with the night cream, floral but not overpowering. 

Grade: B- (because of the lack of sun protection)

The Anti-Age Global Complete Anti-aging Eye Care provides moisture, smooths wrinkles and fine liner, deflates under-eye bags and fades dark circles. 

It comes in a 15 mL/0.5 fl.oz tube and retails for $46 CDN, although at the time of writing this review, it's available online for $25 CDN. 

ingredients list

Part of the efficacy of this product comes from it's application. The metal tip is curved with a hole in it for the cream to come out. You rub this gently along the eye socket to apply. 

Review: I love an eye cream that has its own applicator. I think having an applicator with a metal ball or something like this is fantastic for soothing the undereye area. The cold of the metal also works to get ride of puffiness. You do really need to have enough cream on the applicator though so you don't pull and drag the skin too much. The curve of the applicator is perfect for gliding gently along the socket bone. Any excess cream that doesn't get absorbed can be gently patted into the skin with your finger.

I wish this eye cream absorbed as easily as the night and day creams do. I wonder why it doesn't. However, it isn't a thick cream and it absorbs well enough. 

I use this in the morning and at night before bed and the skin around my eye is looking and feeling smoother and tighter than before. I've seen no change in my dark circles. They're still there, a thorn in my side, day-in and day-out. Nothing will ever make them go away. I think it's silly for products to claim that they can make them go away. 

There's a bit of fragrance to this eye cream, the same one as in the day and night creams, but it's much much less. I had to go and have a sniff to see if there was a fragrance because I haven't noticed it while applying it. 

This isn't the best eye cream I've ever tried, and I think I like the applicator more than the cream itself, but it's a reasonably priced (if you get it on sale) product and a decent one too.

Grade: B

Your turn! Have you ever tried Yves Rocher products? What do you think of them? What are your favourites?


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  1. Thank you so much for posting the ingredient lists. Seems odd there's way more stuff in the day cream vs the night cream and no spf protection is a big no no for me.