Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beauty Squared Round-Up - March 24, 2013

We have TWO WEEKS of beauty links to share with you, so without further ado....

The legendary Tina Turner is on the cover of the April Vogue Germany and she looks fantastic. Great, right? Well, it's the FIRST TIME Ms. Turner has been on the cover of any Vogue. So, good for you Vogue for putting a A) 73 year old on the cover; B) a non-white face on the cover; and C) the fabulousness that is Tina Turner on the cover but otherwise you get a SLOW CLAP.

The European Union has banned the sale of animal-tested products! This will likely have a ripple effect on other countries, so stay tuned....

Reverse ombré hair colour DIY. has a slideshow of 29 of the most iconic bob haircuts in recent history.

Do you know if your skin has a warm or a cool undertone? Take this quiz to find out.

Louise from shares her tips for fighting chub rub, AKA when your thighs rub together and cause irritation. Note: This is something that happens to men and women, and thighs that are large, thighs that are muscular and thighs that are slim but that happen to touch and rub when you walk or run.

Karla Sugar has done her thing and swatched the new Burberry Complete Eye Palettes. Gorgeous!

Primer, foundation and blush...for your nails?

Fantastic gifs of classic pin-up girls and the photos that originally inspired them. 

In Sweden, H&M has started using different looking mannequins to demonstrate how their clothes might look on a more diverse range of bodies. Yes, these mannequins are certainly more "plus-size" than typical mannequins but they're also apparently not just "inflated" versions. These mannequins will show a variety of body types, not just the classic smaller, slim sizes or the larger, perfect hourglass shape. 

Check out these photos from an Andy Warhol-themed party. That's Anne Hathaway, above, with Warhol-inspired pop art makeup. So cool!

We're well past St. Patrick's Day now, but check out The Glitter Geek's coooooool green eyeliner look. Don't forget that emerald is the colour for 2013!

Nicki Minaj is actually a very pretty girl under all of that bold makeup and crazy hair. See her made-under for Elle magazine and let this be a reminder to us all that while it's fun to wear lots of makeup, sometimes we can forget what we really look like and it's just as beautiful!

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