Sunday, January 17, 2010

MAC: In Lillyland Cremeblend Blush

MAC's In Lillyland collection is a collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer, the clothing designer. Lilly Pulitzer is a fun, springy clothing line for women and children and their current line focuses on resort wear. No surprise then, that the collaboration with MAC has yielded a bright, fun springy selection of colours.

I skipped everything in the collection save for the Cremeblend Blushes, which I think are an outstanding product. Swatch done indoors, with flash, skin tone NC35-40.

Left to Right: Optimistic Orange, Florida, Joie-De-Vivre and So Sweet, So Easy

MAC Cremeblend Blush LE ($22.00 CA/18.50 US)

Optimistic Orange - a bright true carrot orange.

Florida - a cool, bright fuchsia.

Joie-De-Vivre - is a bright pink that has a hint of coral.

So Sweet, So Easy - a cool, bright bubblegum pink.

General Comments

Cremeblend Blushes have a beautiful consistency, they are incredibly bendable, soft and with no hint of stickiness. Unlike emollient based creme blushes (such as MAC's Blushcreme) these blushes are weightless and have a "slippery" creme/gel to powder feel. All shades are well pigmented, so you hardly need any product to achieve a lush glow. However, because of the "slip" from the silicone in the product, you don't need to fear over applying as much as you would with a strong powder or emollient creme blush. Application with fingers, brush or sponge will work and if you should accidentally over apply, simply use a clean foundation sponge to blend out and mute down the colour.

My must have pick is So Sweet, So Easy because bubblegum pink blush looks beautiful and fresh on everyone. I also think Joie-De-Vivre is another good, versatile colour. Optimistic Orange and Florida are the strongest hues and will be amazingly natural looking on darker skin tones. I do think that lighter skin tones will be able to wear them too, just with attention paid to the overall balance of the makeup look.



  1. These look gorgeous!!! Cant wait until the collection is released in the UK!! I love Joie-De-Vivre & So Sweet, So Easy!! Great post :)

  2. Thanks! These really are a great product. I wish that the regular Blushcreme formula was as nice as this one.