Friday, May 27, 2011

Olay Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush Review

This product was initially reviewed by Cath here.

Here are my (Jill's) thoughts on this product. First to recap:

According to Olay, their Total Effects Line and Dark Circles Minimizing Brush features a smooth brush applicator that instantly provides tinted coverage and continues working to fight seven signs of aging for younger, brighter-looking eyes. It immediately reduces the appearance of dark circles, look of wrinkles and combined with massage, instantly reduces the look of puffiness. It hydrates for firmer skin appearance, visibly renews skin texture, evens skin tone and provides nourishing moisture.

The pen has a long, flat brush on one end and the product is released through clicking the button at the other end of the pen. The product comes up into the center of the brush for application.

The Olay Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush retails for just over $20 CDN.

My first impression of this product is that I think the packaging and applicator design is very smart. The brush does indeed provide a nice, firm and yet gentle massaging action to the eye area. I'm not a huge fan of "click brush" applicators (because of hygiene concerns) but since the only time you would apply this is after washing your face I think in terms of cleanliness it's fine.  

The formula of the product itself is nice - the cream has a good body and feels moist but not greasy on. I do find that it helps with puffiness, and the moisturizing properties in turn help with fine lines. In agreement with Cath, I do not think this is anywhere near comparable to YSL Touche Eclat. This product is neither a concealer, highlighter or combination of the two. It is a ever so slightly tinted eye cream with some reflective pigments.

I am skeptical if this product could take the place of concealer for anyone. Case in point, when I first broke out this item for testing, my boyfriend, in an unexpected fit of skincare enthusiasm (he curiously has them every once in a while) applied some to his eyes (actually grabbing it out of my hands and testing it before I could). He is probably NW 15 in MAC's foundation spectrum. It didn't seem to cover his dark circles, but it did make his eyes look dewier.

The fact that this product does not significantly reduce the look of dark circles is not a major drawback for me. Quite frankly, the only thing that can do that for me is medium to full coverage concealer. And as Cath mentioned in her review, this cream does provide a nice base for makeup. Overall, I think this product works nicely and is worth a try if even for the nifty massaging effects of the applicator.

The product was supplied to us for review.


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