Friday, March 30, 2012

Essie Matte About You Matte Finisher Review and Swatches

Nail polish and shiny go together hand-in-hand. Who knew there was anything other than shiny nail polish? Who knew that anything other than shiny nail polish would look good?

But along came the matte nail polish trend. You can buy matte nail polish colours or matte top coats to mattify any nail polish colour.

I picked up Essie's Matte About You matte finisher to try out the trend.

You simply apply Matte About You as you would a top coat. Within a few seconds it clouds over, mattifying your colour. It's a lot of fun to watch!

Here is Butter London's Wallis on my nails, pre-Matte About You.

And here is my manicure after applying Matte About You. Cool, right? I love how antique a colour Wallis becomes with the matte topcoat. 

More photos. 

I'm completely smitten with the effect of Matte About You. Matte nails look a little cooler, a little edgier and they definitely set you apart.

Check out some of the cool effects you can do with a matte top coat here

However, as a top coat, Matte About You fails for me. It doesn't really prolong the wear of my polish at all. 

Who else loves matte top coats? What creative manicures have you created with it?


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