Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vichy Lift Activ Eyes Review and Photos

Vichy has recently launched a new series of products in their LiftActiv line. Beauty Squared was sent LiftActiv Eyes by PR for consideration.

Vichy's Lift Activ Eyes

LiftActiv is an anti-aging eye treatment which is designed to reduce the look of wrinkles, crows feet and bags. According to Vichy it contains a the unique key ingredient "rhamnose" which is:

"a natural sugar extracted from Silver Birch known for its anti-inflammatory properties at low concentrations, is a key part of all LiftActiv products and it is at the heart of LiftActiv Eyes. It is the only ingredient known to target the Derm Source (papillary dermis) and reactivate it, regenerating cells in the epidermis, dermo-epidermal junction and dermis. It boosts the activity and the longevity of the fibroblasts, which as a result leaves skin younger and more protected."

In short, Vichy states this product targets and treats the four signs of aging in the eye area, claiming that after one month users will see smoothed wrinkles, lifted eyelids, decreased dark circles, diminished under eye bags and smoother, tighter skin. 

This product retails for approximately $40.00 CA and is available in most drug stores.

Scientific jargon aside, here is what we thought.


I have combination skin, with very slight signs of aging around my eyes. My main eye concerns are dark circles, puffiness, occasional dryness (particularly in the winter) and age prevention.

My first impressions of the product were very positive. This product has a thick, velvety texture which spreads smoothly over the skin. According to Vichy this product has a "long lasting lifting feel", and certainly after application there is a very strong lifting and tightening sensation. In fact, I have not used another eye product where this sensation has been so noticeable!

I found this product did an excellent job reducing puffiness and smoothing the skin round my eyes. It did not change the appearance of my dark circles, but since I believe my dark circles are in large part genetic and constant, this did not surprise me. As for it's long term anti-aging properties and it's ability to reduce wrinkles, I cannot fairly evaluate this product as I suffer from only the most minuscule lines. However due to it's very strong tightening and smoothing effect, I would expect people with deeper wrinkles would notice at least temporary improvement.

The velvety texture (which I believe is due to the inclusion of dimethicone (silicone), the second listed ingredient) makes this cream a very nice base for concealer or foundation. I also approve of the attractive and practical packing - because it is a squeeze tube it is both hygenic and precise, allowing you to control the amount you dispense. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a reasonably priced eye cream which smooths and tightens the eye area. The only  people I would not recommend this product to is those with silicone sensitivities.

Grade: A-


The skin around my eyes is starting to show some signs of aging with slight creasing and fine lines at the outer corners. I have dark circles that do not go away no matter how much I sleep or how much water I drink, etc. I am occasionally prone to puffiness in the mornings. 

I really liked the feeling of Lift Activ the first time I used it. While it is not a thick, heavy cream, it has a luxurious texture to it, thick enough to feel effective and thin enough to absorb fairly easily without a lot of effort. While I prefer to use eye cream at night and a gel or liquid in the morning, Lift Activ absorbed well enough to apply concealer and other eye makeup on top of it without diluting the colour or changing the texture. 

Like Jill, Lift Activ did nothing to alter my dark circles, but I did notice a slight smoothing of the very fine lines I have at the corners of my eyes. 

The packaging is impressive with its squeezable tube and fine tip applicator allowing you to apply it to a finger for application or directly to the eye area. 

I would definitely purchase this eye cream and recommend it to anyone looking for a moderately rich eye cream that provides soothing, firming and smoothing under the eye area.

Grade: A

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