Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Joe Fresh New Neutrals 02 Face Palette Review, Swatches and Photos

I attended the Joe Fresh 2013 Fall shopping evening recently and with my purchase I received a gift bag full of all kinds of goodies. One of the items was a Joe Fresh New Neutrals 02 Face Palette.

Some packaging photos...

The New Neutrals 02 Face Palette has three eyeshadows, three lipsticks and a blush. Colours are all very neutral and wearable. I'm impressed with the inclusion of the dark lip colour!

Here are some more close-up shots of the palette. The first eyeshadow (left eyeshadow) is a rosy-brown shade with shimmer. All of the eyeshadows in this palette (and the others I've tried from Joe Fresh) are on the dry side. The pigmentation on these are pretty sheer as a result, but they can be built up. They're all pretty, wearable shades but best suited for fairer skin due to the sheerness of the colours.

The second eyeshadow (centre eyeshadow) is an almost matte warm taupe shade. As I've mentioned, it's dry, but it's nice to see a shade that's almost matte. Many inexpensive brand eyeshadows tend to be heavy on the shimmer and frost. 

The third eyeshadow (right eyeshadow) is a warm medium-brown with golden shimmer. This one is a touch darker than the centre eyeshadow and with shimmer. All three are pretty shades.

The blush is a sheer peachy-pink. A nice, basic pink shade that like the shadows is on the dry side. This is a very pretty colour and it's almost matte, with just a hint of shimmer, so it's very easy to wear. Again, this would be best suited to fairer skin types. 

And the lipsticks. The top colour is a bright corally-pink. The centre colour is a warm caramel shade and the bottom shade is a deep red-purple. These lipsticks are gooey, almost like a gloss but they have decent pigmentation. The colours apply well and you don't need a lot to get good coverage. The colours are good, and good for a variety of skin types. I particularly like the top lipstick and the bottom lipstick. The centre one is pretty, but doesn't work on my skin tone. The bottom colour, the red-plum, leaves a stain on the skin after it's removed.

And here are all the colours swatched! 

Swatches L-R: Bottom Lipstick, Centre Lipstick, Top Lipstick
Left Eyeshadow, Centre Eyeshadow, Right Eyeshadow
I do have to comment on the fact that this palette combines powder products and cream products and this is something I hate. Always, when you're using the palette, powder gets into the cream products. Lipsticks get gritty, cream blushes get dryer and everything gets messy. While palettes are a great idea - easy to toss in your purse or keep in your desk drawer - often they're more bother than they're worth when they combine creams and powders. There is a little piece of plastic that can be removed and refastened to cover the lip colours but with time, the adhesive will become less sticky and eventually stop working.

From what I can tell, Joe Fresh's makeup collection is much like their clothing collection - trendy. Their makeup colours will go along with the fashion trends for whatever season. I'm not sure if this palette is still available but it may be. I'm also not sure of how much it cost, but I'm sure it's under $25. 

It's a well-priced, wearable palette with a few flaws - the powderiness of the blush and eyeshadows, and the combination of creams and powders.

Grade: C

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  1. Oh I like the looks of this one actually! It's pretty!