Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beauty Squared Round-Up - October 27, 2013

Happy Sunday, darlinks! That's right, it's time to take a look at some of the beauty-related stories we've come across this past week. In today's Round-Up you'll find some booze, some Hallowe'en links, and some fall beauty info, among other stuff. Let's do it!

  • Some fall street style looks that will give you some inspiration in these colder days.
  • Those fuller brows that everyone and their dog is talking about. Here's another article about how to get Cara Delevingne's thick brows with an eye on buildable brow gels (brow gels that, like thickening mascara claim to thicken your brows).
  • The terrifically talented, much-loved and gone-far-too-soon Kevyn Aucoin is being celebrated on Beautylish beginning on November 12. You can sign up for exclusive access to the five-part series here.  
  • I've long been a big fan of this punky, 60s eye look. Here's a step-by-step tutorial courtesy of The Beauty Department. 
  • Booze-inspired beauty products?
  • If you didn't celebrate Hallowe'en last night or if you have a few parties to go through, here are a couple of links if you're stuck for ideas: 

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