Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Eye Shadows Review, Swatches and Photos

After a long hiatus from blogging I have a review for you featuring items from one of the most anticipated collections from summer 2014: MAC's Alluring Aquatic. This review is for the new, LE Extra Dimension eye shadows ($22.50 CA/$19.50 US). All photos taken in natural light on NC 35 skin.

From top clockwise: Sea Worship, Silver Sun, Fathoms Deep, Soul Serenade, 
Lorelei and Legendary Lure (center)

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow: Lorelei, Sea Worship and Silver Sun

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow: Soul Serenade, Legendary Lure and Fathoms Deep

Lorelei - described by MAC as a "golden beige", this is a shimmery, medium dark peachy beige. It reminds me of a more metallic, darker version of MAC Grain eye shadow.

Sea Worship - described by MAC as "tarnished olive", this is an antiqued gold that leans a bit olive but on my skin does not shout "green."

Silver Sun - aptly described by MAC as "mid-tone dirty sea foam green", this is a greyed out, pale sea foam that alternately looks more grey/silver or green depending on what angle you look at it.

Soul Serenade - described by MAC as "deep plum brown", this is a neutral, dark brown-grey taupe with fine sliver shimmer. On my skin I don't pick up any hints of plum.

Legendary Lure - described by MAC as "deep cerulean", this is a shimmery blackened forest green with fine silver shimmer. This is not, in any sense of the word "cerulean."

Soul Serenade - described by MAC as "deep blue", this is a shimmery, blackened grape purple with fine silver shimmer.It is a cooler toned purple but nowhere near "deep blue"!

Indirect sunlight: Lorelei, Sea Worship, Silver Sun, Soul Serenade, 
Legendary Lure and Fathoms Deep

Direct sunlight: Lorelei, Sea Worship, Silver Sun, Soul Serenade, 
Legendary Lure and Fathoms Deep

Despite the confusing colour descriptions given by MAC, these new ED eye shadows are all outstanding in terms of pigment, texture and finish. The texture in the pan is a bit powdery (as with all ED products), but they apply smoothly and blend well. In indirect light these shadows all have a smooth medium level shimmer/frost look which turns to fireworks type sparkle in direct sunlight. I think all the colours are very pretty, but my favourites have to be Sea Worship, Silver Sun and Legendary Lure. 

As well, the much talked about packaging with the faux water droplets is whimsical and very well executed. The tactile feel of the "water droplets" is really unique, and I appreciate that MAC has altered the pattern of droplets on every shade. This is one of the few times I have really been impressed by specialty packaging and I don't mind paying a bit extra for it! 

Although these are sold out online, the whole collection launches in-store tomorrow, so you can still get your fill!

Grade: A  (all shades)


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