Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tokyo Milk Marque Deposee Dark Salted Caramel Bee Balm and Jasmine Lip Balm Review and Photos

Tokyo Milk is a line created by perfumer and designer Margot Elena. I've seen their perfumes, soaps and lip products over the years here and there, and admired the packaging and scents. But I've never bought anything. But recently, while in line at Sephora, I was tempted by the Tokyo Milk Dark lip balms. I chose the Salted Caramel one because, are you kidding? It smells unbelievable.

The lip balms, part of the Femme Fatale Collection are conditioning lip balms, made with bee balm and jasmine. From the Tokyo Milk website: 

Sweet temptation is beckoning. Remarkably uncommon essences infused in to a smooth, luscious balm. Elicit a kiss with lips tamed by a lush, silky blend of sweet Jasmine & Bee Balm laced with crushed extracts of hydrating Aloe Leaf & Vitamin E. Femme fatale incarnate. A supple seduction.

Not for the faint of heart: An unexpected mixture of fragrance & flavor. A remarkable lip elixir for a remarkably uncommon experience.

Flavor Notes: Sweet Cream, Sea Salt, Caramelized Sugar, Toasted Vanilla Bean

That's right. Not only does this lip balm smell divine, it tastes good too. 

This balm is thick, meaning you will have trouble applying it too heavily. It softens under the heat of your fingers and lips while you apply it. It stays well once applied since it's thick and let me tell you, it smells delicious.

If you're not into strong fragrances this is probably not the product line for you. I've applied this and had people ask "What smells so good?" not knowing it was my lip balm. It's that strong. 

There is a sweetness to it as well, but it's not so much so that I want to eat it off my lips. 

And it does an excellent job of keeping my lips smooth and soft since it stays on so well. It's also well-priced for the amount of product you get. I paid $8 for 0.7 oz. To compare, an EOS lip balm is .25 oz and costs $6. 

I would definitely buy it again. 

If Salted Caramel doesn't do it for you, you can also get the Dark lip balms in:
  • Clove Cigarette (crushed clove, lavender rose, Saigon cinnamon, vanilla bean)
  • La Vie En Rose (rosewater, sweet orange, peach, Tahitian vanilla)
  • Coco Noir (dark rum, maraschino cherry, sweet milk, cacao bean)
  • Absinthe (anise, mineral salt, citrus peel, crushed herbs)
  • Cherry Bourbon (cherry brandy, whiskey, aged wood, clove)
  • Dead Sexy (ebony wood, warm vanilla, citrus peel, rosewater)
  • Smoked Salt (smoked sea salt, burnt sugar, molasses, vanilla bean)
For more information on Tokyo Milk, the Femme Fatale collection, and the Toyko Milk Dark lip balms, visit: http://www.tokyo-milk.com/t/femme-fatale

You can also buy them on Sephora.com here.  

Grade: A


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