Sunday, August 2, 2015

Beauty Squared Round-Up - August 2, 2015

Happy Sunday, Beauty Squared fans! Here is the weekly round-up of beauty-related links we've well, rounded-up for you this week. There's lots to enjoy this week!

  • If you were a 90s kid, here are some of the beauty things you probably did then that are back in style now. If you weren't a 90s kid, here are some 90s beauty things that you can do now to be on trend.
  • And here are some 90s beauty trends (muddy brown lipstick, chunky highlights, skinny brows) you should leave in the past. Please?
  • Some of New York's beauty pros (hair, skin, makeup) share their favourite products. What do they use on their clients and what do they use on themselves?
  • Multimasking: using different masks on different areas of the face. Why hadn't we thought of this before? It's kind of a no-brainer!
  • Do you want to look fabulous in the pool? Or in a rainstorm? Here are some waterproof beauty products you'll want to check out.
  • Oh, the never-ending quest to get rid of shine! Here's yet another pro tip for minimizing shine - will this one work for you?
  • Makeup products for accentuating blue eyes.
  • What can you do if you find that your face is always looking like it's a lighter shade than your body? It happens to a lot of us!
  • Birchbox has a great article about choosing foundation shades without trying them on first, or even, in the case of online shopping, not seeing it in person first.
  • Beauty product expiration dates - do you know when to toss out that mascara or lipstick?
  • How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Is it as often as you should? Do you know how to properly clean your brushes? Find out all you need to know here.
  • There are brushes for applying makeup, and brushes for removing makeup (or cleaning your skin). The Muse has a review of the new Sephora Cleansing Me Softly Facial Cleanser Brush, which costs only $10 USD.
  • Speaking of cleansing, here are some bad (beauty-related) habits that could be prematurely aging you.
  • Some of the best nail polishes for long-lasting manicures.
  • How to get a salon-quality manicure at home.
  • Natural deodorants - do they really works? InStyle tests eight natural, organic deodorants to find out.
  • If you want to use a natural deodorant and would rather not buy one (they can be pricey), here's how to make your own at home.
  • Korean-American Julianna Haahs recently visited family in Korea and received negative comments about her appearance from family members. She talks about how she responded and the differences between Korean and American perceptions of beauty.
  • Former fashion photographer Rick Guidotti's nonprofit organization Positive Exposure aims to broaden our understanding and perception of people living with physical, genetic and behavioural differences. His work is featured has been featured in a documentary called 'On Beauty'.

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