Monday, September 28, 2009

BEAUTIFUL ONE: Martina Sorbara of Dragonette

I'm a huge fan of the band Dragonette and big part of that is due to their charismatic and sexy-as-hell frontwoman Martina Sorbara. Dragonette is a Canadian/English band consisting of Martina Sobara (vocals), Dan Kurtz (bass), Joel Stouffer (drums) and Chris Hugget (guitar). Their sound is best described as new wave electropop and they have a very sexy, bold point of view. Martina is their dynamic frontwoman and principal songwriter so their songs have a feminine point of view, albeit one you might not be familiar with.

Martina has a very compelling face and could have been a model - strong features and dramatic bone structure that takes well to dramatic make-up and hairstyles. She likes to play with gender in their videos and her make-up is always interesting and inspiring. She's a rock chick through and through and clearly loves fashion and make-up. Here are some of my favourite looks of hers.

I Get Around

Dragonette's first video was for their saucy single I Get Around. In it, Martina stalks through a sex club (Toronto's Wicked) becoming alter ego after alter ego. First she's a party girl in a gold lame dress and sparkly gold heels, seductive gold eye make-up and pompadour ponytail who meets....

...a shaggy-coiffed indie rocker boy in a hoodie who she becomes and then meets...

...a sex kitten in a vinyl catsuit. I love the orange lipstick!

Vampy Martina joins the boys in the band for a bit and then finally saunters over to her hubby (bassist) Dan Kurtz, dressed to the nines...

...and becomes a sexy masculine Martina, who takes one look at the first Martina in her gold lame dress and the video comes full circle.

Take It Like a Man

In this video, Martina plays a 70s porn star with a twist (listen to the song lyrics). She has two different 70s glam looks in this video. The first is a Farah Fawcett-style flipped hairdo, a soft bronzy eye, apricot cheeks and frosty pink lips.

In a later scene, she sports a sexy business woman updo with a sultry lavender eye and glossy tangerine lips. I love this look and I think I'll do a FOTD once I track down a suitable shade of lipstick.

Fixin To Thrill

Dragonette's first single from their sophomore album is called Fixin To Thrill. In the video Martina's a strange creature in a video within a video, brought to life by a group of kids. Her make-up is very nude and neutral and it's all about making the most of her dramatic bone structure. At the beginning of the video she has no eyebrows and she's given some very bold, very straight brows a little later on, as well as some make-up - darker eyes and more sculpted cheeks.

Pick Up the Phone

In their second video, Pick Up the Phone, Martina goes back to high school (in a way) and stands out with her short dark angular hair and modern new wave make-up. With bright pink highlighting those cheekbones and swept up onto her eye and temple and nude glossy lips, it's a simple but dramatic look.

Boys and Girls

In the summer of 2009, Dragonette recorded a tune and shot a video with French pop star Martin Solveig. It was done as part of the promo campaign for Jean-Paul Gaultier's latest fragrance line Ma Dame and the superstar designer has a cameo in and his stamp all over the video. Martina's make-up is very sophisticated and sexy with a dark and shimmery grey smoky eye and pretty pink lips and cheeks.


In between albums, the band got a little silly and recorded a short video and song to satire the celebrity fragrance industry. Martina, ever the star, stalks through a club seducing those she passes. Her look is seductive with smoky dark eyes, glowing skin, thin, short brows and nude lips.

URIN is a must-watch video, by the way, if you want a chuckle!

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  1. Martina Sorbara is gorgeous. Thank you for featuring the picture from I Get Around where she's wearing a tuxedo. I've been trying to find it forever. Damn! she's so hot. ^^

  2. Hi Kate! I totally agree. She looks great in everything and is very very sweet. They're such a great live band. She's so gorgeous!