Wednesday, September 23, 2009

JoeFresh Beauty Reviewed Part One

JoeFresh, in the few years since its inception, has become one of my go-to stores. It's the brainchild of Joe Mimran, who was behind such such fashion lines as Alfred Sung and Club Monaco. The clothes are well-made, very chic, extremely inexpensive and new styles come in every week. The clothes are very very cute, and reminiscent of what Club Monaco used to be (for a fraction of the price).

In spring 2009, JoeFresh introduced a line of beauty products with the same chic and affordable branding. JoeFresh Beauty is available in a few JoeFresh stores but in most Loblaws and Canadian Superstores and includes foundation, concealer, powder, brushes, blush, eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipstick, lip gloss, stains, tints, lipliners and a variety of accessories including manicure sets and blotting paper.

I decided to buy a few products I was interested in and do a review for you. Here's my stash (all swatches done on NW20 skin tone):
Top L - R: Cheek Tint in Pink Rose ($4), Matte Lipstick in Bordeaux ($6)
Centre L - R: Eyeshadow in Bronze, Eyeshadow in Midnight (both $4)
Lipgloss in Candy ($8)
Lip Stain in Candy ($6)

I'll start with the Cheek Tint, the first product I bought and I've got to say outright that I LOVE THIS STUFF. It's become the blush product I reach for every morning more often than not.

Cheek Tint in Pink Rose (natural light)Swatch (overcast day natural light)Swatch (unnatural light with flash)

The texture of the cheek tint is creamy and smooth and it goes on easily. It's quite sheer and can be used for a natural flush or built up for a more intense look. For best results, I recommend using your fingers to apply it and building until you get the look you want. Because it's so sheer, you can top it with other colours for a variety of looks and textures.

*The cheek tints are teeny enough to toss in your purse for touch-ups during the day or for a quick hint of colour if someone tells you you look tired or ill (I get that ALOT).

On to the eyeshadows:

Eyeshadow in Bronze (natural light)
Swatch (natural light)
Swatch (unnatural light with flash)

Bronze is a medium toned metallic cool brown with a creamy, smooth finish. It goes on a bit heavily but is the type of colour and texture that could be quickly smudged across the lids with your fingers if you were in a hurry or for a messy, sexy effect. I love eyeshadows like this, it's very easy to look sultry with a creamy metallic soft brown like this.

Eyeshadow in Midnight
Swatch (overcast day natural light)
Swatch (unnatural light with flash)

Midnight is a mid-toned cool grey with a hint of blue. Compared to Bronze, it's got a somewhat subtler sheen, light sparkle and is a touch more powdery and matte. I would imagine that JoeFresh Beauty's more matte eyeshadows would be similar but like the Bronze, Midnight has a smooth, creamy texture and goes on quite well, less heavily than Bronze. I've worn it along my upper lashline smudged up to the crease for a smoky daytime look and it could be obviously used for a more dramatic smoky eye.

*One downside to the JoeFresh Beauty line is that there aren't testers for all the products. Lipsticks - yes, cheek tints - yes, but not for the lip glosses? Not for the foundation? That's one way the JoeFresh line is a bit too cheap. I haven't seen a JoeFresh Beauty display where there's not opened products.

Stay tuned for part two of my JoeFresh Beauty Review where I'll tell you all about the lipgloss, lip stain and lipstick I bought!


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  1. I want the cheek tint! It will replace my Ruby and Millie's cheek stain that melted in my handbag (luckily nothing was ruined). Will pick one up next time I'm at Loblaws (I feel like Peggy Hill buying her cosmetics at the grocery store).