Monday, October 10, 2011

MAC Posh Paradise: Immortal Gold Nail Lacquer Review and Swatches

Along with the Paint Pots and Mattene lipsticks, MAC snuck into this collection two LE nail lacquers - Rain of Flowers and Immortal Gold ($18.00 CA, 15.00 US). I only purchased Immortal Gold thinking I already owned Rain of Flowers. Photo take with flash, NC 40-45 skin.

MAC Immortal Gold Nail Lacquer

I have to say I like this polish a lot and that is a surprise to me, first because I typically do not like foils and second because I don`t usually like golds. What gets me with this one is that it`s a very antiqued, burnished gold with green undertones. It`s the colour of tarnished brass.

The formula is streaky, so it's best to apply it in thick coats. Trying to apply a thin coat will just leave you frustrated, better to sort of gob this one on. I got nearly 100% opacity with two thick coats and the thick coats are not a problem because this polish dries very fast. Another nice surprise is this seems to be much more durable than other MAC polishes I own (see my review for Deep Blue Sea). It`s day 3 and I only have minor tip wear. In comparison I had major chips by day 2 with Deep Blue Sea.

I love this colour. It`s flashy in an unexpected way and doesn't smack of glitzy kitsch at all. It`s a subversive, edgy take on the foiled gold polish.

Thumbs up.


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