Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beauty Squared Round-Up - June 16, 2013

Hello lovelies! It's time for our round-up of links to sate your beauty cravings. (Can you tell I haven't had breakfast yet?)

Let's go!

  • Toronto Life magazine takes a look at some of Toronto's most stand-out hairstyles.
  • It's summer, so that means cute shoes! And blisters, and corns, and sweaty soles and shoes that bite and rub and make you never want to wear them again. Summer's great, isn't it? XOJane has a (surprisingly) great post about what to do to keep shoes from killing your feet. If you hate foot pain like I do, you should click through - there are some great fixes here.
  • You've heard of clothing swaps where you can bring your unwanted clothing and snap up some new duds, so what about the unwanted or unused makeup you and your friends have? Have a beauty swap! Beautylish tells you how.
  • Three new BB creams you should know about - Garnier's BB cream for oily and combination skins, Kiehl's BB cream and Dior's bronzing BB cream.
  • Holy cuticles! Check out this super-easy DIY ombré nail effect.
  • Flawless skin isn't as simple as slapping on some foundation, I'm afraid. has some tips for how to achieve that flawless skin that we all try to aim for. Trust me, buffing and blending with the proper tools can make a big difference!
  • Office supplies as beauty tools? Yup.
  • Gosh I love male makeup artists who demo makeup looks on themselves. Wayne Goss shows us how to use Yves St. Laurent's cult highlighter Touche Éclat. Hint: it's not an undereye concealer. This is also handy if you can't afford or don't like Touche Éclat and want to try another similar highlighter.
  • Classic is classic for a reason - it never goes out of style. Elle Canada takes a look at some classic beauty products - how many have you used?
  • And finally, Bust Magazine has a feature on The Adipositivity Project which is aiming to "widen definitions of physical beauty, literally" by featuring professionally taken photos of full-figured bodies, to show that they too, can be strong, confident and beautiful. Warning: some photos in the link are NSFW and some of the comments under the article are offensive. 

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