Monday, September 8, 2014

Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Chronos Review, Swatches and Photos

Beauty Squared readers, I have something very special for review today, the Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden eye shadow palette in Chronos.

A lesser known luxury brand out of Russia, Rouge Bunny Rouge (RBR) has become a secret cult favorite among bloggers. Particularly known for their exceptionally creamy. highly pigmented eye shadow, RBR delighted everyone this fall by realeasing its first ever eye shadow palette.

The Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Chronos (LE, €55.00) features five brand new eye shadows in a magnetic case. The shadows are housed in a slim black case, adorned with  beautiful white and red floral illustrations.

Inside are five shadows: Champagne Pewter, Metallic Rosy Brown, Aged Bronze, Aubergine Gunmetal and Midnight Blue Gunmetal. All the shades are highly pigmented and have a creamy, almost moist consistency which both adheres to the eye lid and blends beautifully.

All photos in natural sunlight, swatches on NC 35/40 skin.

Champagne Pewter, Metallic Rosy Brown and Aged Bronze

Aged Bronze, Aubergine Gunmetal and Midnight Blue Gunmetal

Champagne Pewter is a metallic cool sand beige highlighter with fine silver shimmer. It's a complex shade in that it's base is a touch golden but it's shimmer is cool giving it an overall greyer tone making it unusual for a highlighter.

Metallic Rosy Brown is a metallic taupe with fine silver shimmer that depending on the angle and lighting can look more brown, silvery or mauve. Any taupe lover will fall head-over-heels for this - it's Shu Uemura's ME 945 sister.

Aged Bronze is a medium dark luminous satin khaki. It could lean more brown or more green depending on what you pair with it. 

Aubergine Gunmetal is the darkest shade in the palette. It's a satin blackened eggplant with fine silver shimmer. On the skin it reads more black than purple, but when the light hits it at an angle it reveals some of it's cool purple tones.

Midnight Blue Gunmetal is a soft satin graphite shade with a teal duo chrome. So pretty. This is softer and lighter than Aubergine Gunmetal.

RBR Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Chronos indirect light.

RBR Raw Garden Eye Shadow Palette in Chronos strong, direct light.

I can't say enough good things about things about this palette. It has an excellent, creamy, highly pigmented formula which is on par with any other high end eye shadow brand like Le Metier de Beaute or Shu Uemura. Although the palette leans on the dark side, the tonal range is broken up with a variety of rich fall inspired hues, plus it has two good neutrals to tie everything together.

If you haven't tried RBR yet but are interested, I would say this is the opportunity you are looking for. True, it's an expensive palette (€55.00 coverts to roughly $78.00 CA not including sales tax or customs) but RBR eye shadow single refills are €17.00 each, and it would cost €85.00 to purchase five shadows without a case. As mentioned previously, the palette case is magnetic which means that you could always swap in/out other RBR shadows or any shadow that has the same sized pan.

RBR is a small, interesting and exclusive brand that delivers on quality. If you are going to splurge on a high end smokey eye palette this fall, make it this one.

It is available on RBR's website and they do ship worldwide. It only took a week after I ordered for this palette to show up at my door!

Grade: A+

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