Thursday, September 24, 2009

Korres: Jasmine Body Butter

As an artist and someone who has a touch of OCD, I have a habit of washing my hands extremely frequently. The frequent washing & very dry climate I live in results in extremely, and often painfully dry hands. Like Madonna, my hands look about 2 decades older than my face!

Because of this I make it a point to test the most luxurious, expensive creams & lotions out there. One day I happened upon Korres Jasmine Body Butter at my local Sephora. Let me tell you, it was love at first sniff...

Korres is an all natural brand out of Greece that eschews the use of any synthetic compounds in their products. Jasmine Body Butter is an extremely rich, fragrant cream that will parch even the most dehydrated, abused skin. The scent is divine - it smells exactly like a steaming pot of jasmine Chinese tea and has a very thick texture that tends to be a touch on the greasy side.

At $38.00 CA/$29.00 US for a 7.95 oz tube it is definitely on the expensive side. So expensive that I myself never bought it, but instead yearned for it & used the tester every time I went by Sephora. I have to give mad props to my good friend Jaqueline who finally ended my torment by giving me a tube for my birthday!

Despite it's high price and slight greasiness, I highly recommend this product. I only use a small amount on the back of my hands, so my tube will last me a long time. I like to use it right before bed so my skin has all night to absorb all the fragrant, beneficial essential oils.

I give this product an "A". Expensive, but worth it especially if you've got "lizard" hands.


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