Monday, September 7, 2009

A Rockin' But Ladylike FOTD

One of my very favourite make-up looks is liquid eyeliner. How could it not be? It was a staple in the beauty looks of every beauty icon from Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe. It can be difficult to master the technique, but it's definitely worth it to keep trying. Like wearing a red lipstick it's a very simple way to make you feel sexy, powerful and feminine (and that's just to start with).

Here's a look that's quickly become one of my favourites. It features the basic lined eye shape and a lip colour (this FOTD shows it with two different colours) with minimal other make-up but it's a very pretty, retro-inspired, modern look.

The eyes are the focal point of this look. I lined my upper lids with a black liner, extending it out past the outer corner of my eye and topped it with a bold shade of eyeshadow. You could use any liquid or cream eyeliner in any colour but if you have a basic black, you can create any colour you like by topping it with any eyeshadow colour. Experiment with it and get creative or keep it simple and leave it at basic black. It's still a gorgeous look.

In this case I used MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack topped with MAC Deep Truth. I swept Blacktrack along my lashline with an angle brush (MAC Fluidlines dry quickly so you have to work quickly). Once it had dried, I used another angle brush to press MAC Deep Truth on top of the liner. For a bit more oomph, I smudged a small amount of Bare Escentuals Rockstar shadow beneath my lower lashes.

L-R: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack, MAC Deep Truth, Bare Escentuals Rockstar

I used two different lip colours for this FOTD to show how you can make it look more retro or more contemporary. The cherry red shade I'm wearing in the top photo is L'Oreal Juicestick in Cherry Freeze and the coral shade in the other two photos is MAC Costa Chic - from the MAC Euristocrats II collection.

L-R: L'Oreal Juicestick in Cherry Freeze and MAC Costa Chic

I had curled my lashes before lining my eyes (it helps to guide your eyeliner line) and applied mascara afterwards on my top lashes only. My cheeks are a combination of soft, shimmery pinks and corals - Benefit Dandelion and a GOSH Precious Powder Pearl highlighter. I could definitely gone bolder with my cheek colour, but I liked the soft effect I got with these two shades.


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