Friday, October 30, 2009

The Beauty Squared Closet: The Candi Factory

From time to time on Beauty Squared we'll do a bit of fashion blogging. Not too much, mind you, as this is predominantly a blog about make-up and cosmetics. But we wouldn't get very far with just fabulous hair, skin and faces and no clothes, now would we?

So here's the first in our Beauty Squared Closet and we're starting with the basics - underwear!

I've seen these underwear at The Clothing Show and Sale, at shops like Fresh Collective and featured in newspapers and magazines. I've often taken a closer look and contemplated buying them but as I tend to be partial to fancy-looking knickers, these seemed a little too sporty, basic, a wee too crafty-looking for my taste and not my brand of sexy. I like my underthings to be sexy and functional, or just sexy. Rarely just functional and almost never full-coverage. There's also the pricetag - $20 (CDN) for one pair seemed a bit much for something that wasn't covered in lace, made in silk or had ribbon ties at the side. Not for me, I have always thought.

Recently, a friend (who I've always envied for her lithe figure and ability to look incredible in anything she puts on) and I were wander-shopping and popped into Fresh Collective for a browse. She told me how much she love-love-loves these undies and how they're incredibly comfortable, last forever and "prevent butt jiggle". Her butt jiggles??? I thought. Now I was listening!

I started digging through the display to see if there were any styles and colour combinations that I could satisfy my inner Belle with. I was surprised to see that there were! In addition to the polka-dot fabric daisy and bird styles there were lovely silk-screened birds, delightful ruffles, elegant bows in a criss-cross pattern and sweet flowery hearts. My friend ended up buying some for herself and bought the pair I had selected (white with pink trim and a silk-screened lace pattern on the front) as a belated birthday gift for me.

They're made from soft, breathable microfibre (88% nylon and 12% lycra with a cotton gusset) and let me tell you, these ARE incredibly comfy. They're stretchy, but not tight (unless you're wearing the wrong size) and the edges don't dig into your skin. You honestly forget you're wearing them they're so comfortable. There's no squirming, adjusting, digging out, pulling up and they do cover your tush, just as my friend told me they did.

Evidently they hold up remarkably well too - no pilling, fading or shrinking - no matter how you wash them. There's no tag with washing instructions on these - however you want to wash them is fine, although air-dry is better for drying than the drier, but that's the case for any stretchy fabric.

Oh and the men's briefs are pretty cheeky and awesome too. I'm partial to the streetcar/crossword puzzle one.


They're available across Canada and in a few places in the US (click here for locations) and you can order them online as well.


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