Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MAC: Greasepaint Sticks

Originally launched with Style Black, MAC's collaboration with DSquared includes two new colours, V and B, and the original Black. I will be reviewing all three in this post.

Greasepaint Sticks (top to bottom): Black, V, B
Greasepaint Sticks are packaged like the discontinued Shadesticks and are essentially the same product with a few differences. I asked a MA about what made these unique and he stated that they have a glossy, almost wet looking finish. Like Shadesticks, these set after about 15 -20 seconds, and they last very well. Swatches are taken indoors with flash on NC 35 skin.

Left to right: Black, V and B
Black has a very subtle burgundy shimmer, V is a subdued shimmery violet and B is rich metallic blue. The fine burgundy shimmer in Black is not really noticeable except up close, but it does give Black warmth.
Generally, I like the Greasepaint Sticks - they will be excellent bases for other shadows and are blendable enough to make fierce smokey eyes on their own. The fact that they set is also a huge plus. These will be amazing to use underneath the Style Black Mineralize eye shadows.
Stay posted for ETOD's!

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