Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Review: Olay Quench Advanced Relief Body Lotion and Olay Quench Therapy Hand

This is our first review of products sent to us by a company, as such we will be using our new 5 point scale to rate and review these products.  To read a full description of the scale, please visit this post: 

We each used the new Olay Quench Advanced Relief Body Lotion ($10.99 CDN/350mL) and Therapy Hand Cream ($8.99 CDN/129g) for seven days to test it out.

J's skin
I live in the prairies, probably one of the driest climates around. Winters are cold and harsh on the skin, especially any skin that is exposed to the outside air. I'm also an artist, so I wash my hands about a billion times a day (2 billion now that we're all afraid of contracting H1N1). And if that wasn't enough punishment, I'm also a climber, so I also have to contend with drying chalk and calluses on the palms on my hands. In the winter my hands get so dry my fingertips will often crack. Simply put, the skin on my hands & body is dry, dry, dry.

Olay Quench Advanced Relief Body Lotion (Fragrance Free)

Value = 3 (medicore)
 Suggested retail price for the lotion is $10.99 - probably more than what I would be willing to fork out on a drugstore brand lotion. However, it is an effective product, so I would say the value is good.

Scent = 4 (good)
The lotion we sampled was unscented. I consider this a plus as it won't interfere with any perfume you choose to wear.

Effectiveness = 4 (good)
Very effective. This is a thick, rich lotion that is not greasy at all. Usually I tend to choose greasier lotions because my skin is so dry - this however moisturizes very well with absolutely no residue. The only thing you are left with is silky skin!

Olay Quench Therapy Hand Cream

Value = 3 (mediocre)
At $8.99 this is a tad more expensive than my usual drugstore standby hand cream, Sally Hansen's 18 Hour Hand Cream. I would say the value for this product is fair.

Scent = 4 (good)
This hand cream has a clean, slightly masculine scent in my opinion. I really like it - it's a nice change from really floral, fruity or sweet scented creams.

Effectiveness = 3 (medicore)
I think this cream is best suited for people with moderately dry hands, not severely dry hands like mine. Although it is developed for "extremely dry, itchy skin" I didn't find it gave me lasting protection. However, I think this would work well for someone who's lifestyle wasn't quite as demanding on their poor paws.

C's skin
My skin is pretty normal overall but sensitive to certain products. I exfoliate often to keep it healthy. I get bumps and blemishes due to dryness or over-sensitivity. My legs get dry in the fall and winter and I often experience itchiness on my arms, though they don't get as dry as my legs. I live in a moderately humid climate with moderate seasons. I don't tend to moisturize often in the summer but try to do so daily in the colder months. With the H1N1 scare, I'm using lots of hand sanitizer and washing my hands much more frequently.

Olay Quench Advanced Relief Body Lotion (Fragrance Free)

Value = 4 (good)

$10.99 is not too bad a price to pay for a drugstore brand that works and drugstores often have sales.

Scent = 3 (mediocre)

This lotion is fragrance-free, though you can purchase it in scented versions. Of course, no beauty product is completely without scent, so don't assume you will smell nothing of this product, but it does not have any added perfume so it will not affect any scents you like to wear, be it a body lotion, hair product or perfume.

Effectiveness = 4 (good)

I much prefer lotions made with natural ingredients, so this, like other lotions that aren't predominantly shea or cocoa butter (etc) made my skin feel less moisturized than I like. Though this isn't to say my skin wasn't moisturized however. It felt silky, smooth and didn't itch, so clearly this works, it just isn't my preference. On a side note, I experienced some breakout and itchiness on my upper body, namely my upper arms and chest. This is an area that I find I am a bit more sensitive and perhaps there's something in Quench that my skin doesn't agree with.

Olay Quench Therapy Hand Cream

Value = 3 (mediocre)

I don't need an intensive cream for my hands, and for drugstore brands I like Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream but this is a pretty good cream for the price. The size is pretty good as well.

Scent = 4 (good)

It's not heavily fragranced at all, but there is a subtle, non-girly, generic scent. It's not offensive or distracting.

Effectiveness = 4 (good)

This is a pretty effective hand cream for moderately dry hands. It gives a similar silky feel to the skin and best of all, absorbs quickly so it's ideal for having at the office. Like the body lotion, it gives my skin a smooth, silky feeling and takes away the tight, itchy feeling I get after I wash my hands. I would recommend this.

For more information about the Olay Quench line of lotions, click here.

Please note that the following product up for review was sent to us by a PR firm. All the opinions expressed in this review have been made independently and are not in any way affiliated with the company supplying the products or the PR firm we are in touch with.

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