Monday, February 22, 2010

MAC Riveting Lipglasses

While at my local MAC store, hauling the rest of the mammoth Spring Forecast (does it ever end?!?), I also picked up a few things from MAC's latest mini collection, Riveting.

Riveting is supposed to have an edgy rock n' roll feel, and while I don't know that it accomplishes this, it does have two nice new LE lipglasses ($16.50 CA/ 14.50 US).

MAC Riveting lipglasses (top to bottom): True Babe, Rock Out

True Babe is a hot pink creme - such a great colour. This one will look good on anyone and is a great way to wear a brighter lip without looking too garish or over the top.

Rock Out is a clear gloss loaded with silver and white sparkles. Not the most original colour, but I think it will look good over a variety of other lipsticks or glosses. It's a bit on the cool side, but I find layering cool glosses over warmer lipsticks yields pretty results.

I apologize for the blurriness of the swatch - but you get the picture!

MAC Riveting lipglasses (left to right): True Babe, Rock Out

A note about the matte nailpolishes...generally I'm not a fan.  I think they look and feel weird on my nails, as well I find them really streaky to apply. In my opinion the Riveting matte polishes were all of the above, so I skipped them all. The only one that seemed ok was Studded, but even then I didn't like it enough to invest.

Anyone pick up anything from this collection?



  1. Just came across your blog! Love it!!!

  2. I keep thinking and re-thinking about getting True Babe lipglass :)

  3. I would say get it! It's hard to find good bright pinks that aren't frosty or shimmery.


  4. True Babe is on my list of things to buy! I am just trying to finish off a lustreglass that probably has another week or so left in it so I can have my 6th empty and B2M for it. So broke after the Spring Colour Forecast Collection!