Friday, February 5, 2010

The Tip Off: Clear Mascara = Eyebrow Gel

I've never been a fan of clear mascara, though I know many women are. I like my lashes long, lush, thick and black, but I do have a use for clear mascara afterall. Brow gel!

I have full, heavy-ish brows that I need to constantly groom and I trim them every few weeks to thin them out and to make them more manageable. Just like how your hair gets increasingly unmanageable as it grows, so do the hairs of your eyebrows. Brow gel can help keep them in place, much like hairspray does the same for your hair.

However, I don't like paying a lot for a product so minor in my beauty toolkit, although there a lot of options if you want or need something more specific to your brows. All I do, however, is sweep clear mascara onto my brows to give them a bit of staying powder. I am currently using JoeFresh's clear mascara ($6 CDN). It's not shiny or sticky and gives my brows a bit extra oomph and polish.


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