Monday, March 22, 2010

MAC Too Fabulous

I have a small haul to share from MAC's Too Fabulous collection. The collection features Cremesheen Lipglasses (which are now permanent items - rejoice!) and Mineralize Blush Duos. I was a bit dissapointed in the Mineralize Blushes - many of the colours seemed very brown or rusty. Here's what I got:

Left to Right: Rhapsody in Two, Two Virtues and Double Dare


Left to right: Double Dare Cremesheen Lipglass, Rhapsody in Two
 and Two Virtues Mineralize Blush Duos.

(Photo taken in low level natural light, NC 35-40 skin.)

Mineralize Blush Duo LE ($27.50 CA/23.00 US)

Rhapsody in Two - a swirl of golden beige and golden pink combine to form a light golden pink shade, which will work as a highlighter on most. The shimmer is very fine, no chunky sparkles.

Two Virtues - a swirl of bright but soft medium pink and violet combine to give a cool medium raspberry pink. Very pretty and as far as I can recall, a fairly unique colour. Again, the shimmer is very fine with no chunky sparkles.

Cremesheen Lipglass ($21.50 CA/18.00 US)

Double Dare - a surprisingly pigmented coral-rose-red. Very pretty and unique. I think this one would look great on most.

General Thoughts

The formulation of the Mineralize Blush Duos is far superior to the last time we saw them (Grand Duos). The texture is super smooth and not a glittery mess. I only picked up two because I found all the other colours too orangey or brown for my liking. However, if you are looking for some bronze based blushes you might take an interest in the other colours.

I am very happy to see MAC making the Cremesheen Lipglasses permanent. I much prefer the gel texture of these glosses over the stickiness of the traditional lipglasses. They are more expensive (and you get less product), but I can put up with that if it means not having my hair stuck to my lips for most of the day. I was dissapointed that they did not bring back the Petite Indulgence shade from their previous release but I see they have a similar colour, Loud and Lovely which I will have to try.

Anyone get anything from this collection?


  1. I have the Double Dare Cremesheen Lipglass and yeah, it's the same delicious vanilla flavor without the stickiness of the common glosses. Nice color for day with peach blush and mascara and perfect for night with liquid eyeliner eyes, don't u think?

    Kisses from México!

  2. Yes, I was wearing Double Dare this week with Joyous Beauty Powder Blush and some black mascara. It's a great for bringing colour to the face! I'd love to see it on top of a red-orange lipstick with that black liquid liner.

    Kisses back from Canada!