Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maybelline Volume'Express Falsies Mascara Review

Do you want a mascara that'll give you the false eyelash look without the glue and well, the false eyelashes? Maybelline has a new mascara out that claims to give you that effect. Here are the details from Maybelline's website

"The Falsies Mascara delivers a false lash look; giving you a full set of voluminous, bold, fanned out lashes and the appearance of no gaps from any angle.

The Pro-Keratin and Fibre enriched formula is designed to deliver immediate results, distributing volume and visible intensity to your lashes. The patented ‘Spoon’ shaped brush helps fan lashes out.

The Falsies Mascara is designed to give the appearance of no gaps and spaces. In a wink lashes you didn’t even know you had look visibly thickened!"

I bought some to test it out.

OK, so maybe it's not going to give the false eyelash effect, but it does claim to give you more visible lashes, to fill in the gaps and instant volume (do some mascaras give eventual volume?).

There it is, the claim that it'll give you the "false lash effect". Also, the spoon brush, which we'll get into below.

Fun, fat tube in purple-pink and metallic blue.

There's the wand and the spoon brush. Now this is a brush shape I haven't tried before. It is slightly curved and narrow on the sides but flat and wide from the top and bottom.

Brush from the side.

Brush from the top.
Hence the spoon description, the brush kind of scoops your lashes, helping to keep their curl and shape while you use it and stretching (fanning) them out. The mascara formula itself isn't overly wet but verging close to it. I find that mascara that is too wet takes away the curl in my lashes and I need all the curl I can get - my lashes point down, naturally.

Here I am wearing Falsies. You can see that it's given me long, dark, widespread lashes with a fair bit of drama. They look a little thicker too but nowhere near like I look when I'm wearing false eyelashes.


Because it's meant to give you so much drama, I find Falsies to be a bit heavy and it gets brittle when it dries. It's what to expect of course with a mascara that promises drama. This isn't a natural mascara, as you may have guessed. It'd be good for a night out although it's not as buildable as I like for a nighttime look. This is a fairly good mascara however, if you want length, volume and intensity and being a drugstore brand, it's reasonably priced.

I liked the brush because it can be used with the flat edge or with the skinny edge depending on the final look you want. Using it as directed, it felt like it was capturing almost my entire lash line all at once which is good for uniformity and the fanning out effect.

Has anybody tried The Falsies? What do you think of it? What do you look for in a mascara?


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