Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thierry Mugler's Womanity Review

Thierry Mugler has done it again. With the release of his latest fragrance, Womanity, he's intrigued our noses once again. You've heard (and probably owned) the extremely popular Angel, originally released in 1992 and the tantalizing Alien. Mugler's first fragrance, Angel was the first gourmand fragrance and blended chocolate and praline with patchouli to create that almost irresistible scent you can smell on every third woman you pass on the street and was widely copied. Alien, which followed in 1995 has been nowhere near as popular as Angel, but I preferred it's amber, menthol, casmerean wood and amber blend to it's predecessor. Both are bold fragrances, stand-outs on your department store's counters and now comes Womanity.

Womanity, released in August 2010 combines the salty, sea taste-scent of caviar with the warmth of leather, sweet fig and the pink side of citrus - lemonade, grapefruit. It's another gourmand fragrance particularly considering technology had to be developed in order to capture the salty, savoury essence of caviar. 

Back of the box
Womanity, a woody, sweet and savoury Eau de Parfum.
Womanity, a refillable and ecologically-responsible fragrance (see inside packaging)
Womanity, a fragrance, a bond, an energy shared by all women. 

Looking inside the box.
Each bottle comes with a code, to be used in the interactive element of Womanity's promotion.
The interactive aspect of Womanity comes when you go to Developed as "an interactive platform which is an expressive space built on the natural bonds existing between all women". You can read more about the website here or check it out yourself since it's now been up and running for a few months.

Opened box.
Interior of the box, detailing the refillable bottle.
Womanity Eau de Parfum and carrying bag.
The carrying bag is provided as protection in storage, travel or bringing your bottle back to be refilled. This refillable bottle option has existed for the Mugler fragrances since Angel's release in 1992. Once you're finished your fragrance, you can bring it or send it in for refilling, saving you money (on purchasing a whole new bottle, packaging, etc) and of course, it's more ecologically-responsible.

Womanity bottle
The bottle itself, like those of Angel and Alien is a covetable item, regardless of what you think of the fragrance inside. There is a ring attached to the bottle by a chain that acts as a lid and prevents the spray from being deployed, although it doesn't have a top.

Womanity's bottle is designed with a nod to Art Deco and the imagery from Fritz Lang's Metropolis and I personally love it for that reason. It's a striking and beautiful bottle (despite my dislike of pink). 

The bottle I have is the smallest size available but the larger bottles have more metal detail as seen below. 

I like Womanity, although I do not love it. It's a bold fragrance and perhaps overly bright for my personal tastes. I don't like my fragrance to scream my presence and I feel like Womanity is a bit too over-bearing. Still, it's an intriguing scent and I have been wearing it. It fits with the other fragrances I wear and I do have favourite fragrances that contain leather, salty and citrus fragrances. There's something that's keeping me from loving it, however. 

If you like Alien and/or Angel, you should definitely check Womanity out, if you haven't already. It's definitely going to appeal to many.

What do you think? Have you tested Womanity? Do you love it? Hate it? Do you love the bottle?

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