Monday, October 11, 2010

TVAL Resurface Facial Scrub Review

I'm a sucker for exfoliators and my skin loves me for my addiction. Right now I'm in love with TVAL's Resurface scrub.

I picked this up at their Queen Street West store in Toronto (now closed, sadly) and it's sitting in my shower where I use it almost every morning. My skin is on the oily side, with large pores and a propensity to flakiness on my cheeks. Especially now when the temperature is dropping and the air is drier, I'm noticing flakiness so it's time to up the moisturizer and exfoliation!

Resurface is a very fine exfoliator and is ideal for most skin types due to the small size of the exfoliating agent (TVAL calls them "natural micro crystals"). Since they are so small, they are unlikely to do any damage to your skin (unless you scrub very hard) and because of their size they're quite effective at smoothing your skin to baby's bottom softness.

It's $14 CDN for 60 mL/2 oz and is available on the TVAL website as well as at Sears. Check the TVAL website for store locations.

Here's the product description:

This light and fluffy scrub contains natural micro crystals that will gently but oh so efficiently smooth away dead skin cells and leave your skin silky smooth and positively glowing!
To use: Scoop out a quarter size dollop and smooth out over damp skin. Softly and gently polish your skin to smooth away dead skin cells, debris and irregularities. The key word here is gentle, the scrub is more effective than you might think since the crystals are so small. If the scrub starts to feel dry, dampen your fingertips and keep polishing. Follow up with your serum or moisturizer. 
The texture of Resurface is slightly on the dry side so make sure your skin is damp when you use it. 

The scent is lemony and pleasant, not overwhelming at all. This is an extremely effective scrub that smooths your skin gently. The small particles allow you to be gentle, you'd really have to press hard to do any damage to your skin. It's really a no-brainer scrub. It's possible to do too much as I find if I leave Resurface on too long, my skin starts to tingle a bit and feel dry, so it's not meant to be a mask. Scrub and rinse!
This scrub might be a touch too intense for sensitive skintypes, but it'd work well for normal, dry and oily skin.

Love, love, love!


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