Monday, February 7, 2011

Anna Sui Eye Brightener Review and Swatches

Eye brighteners are one of those beauty products that you may or may not need, depending on your routine. It may be an unnecessary product if you use an eye primer, for example or use a base for your eyeshadow or do not have uneven skin tone on your eyes. It may be useful, however, if you do not use an eye primer or eyeshadow base or if you don't wear eyeshadow or wear a lot of eyeshadow.

With this in mind, read on for the Beauty Squared review of Anna Sui's Eye Brightener. This particular eye brightener is meant to act as a highlight or to conceal discolouration of the eyelids in preparation of eyeshadow application. It comes in one shade (01 Bright Beige) and comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator.

Directions for use, according to the back of the box are to apply to the eye area prior to eyeshadow application. This is how I tested it.

Tube decorated in typical Anna Sui design.

The tip of the wand is a rose.

Anna Sui Eye Brightener swatched on NW15-20 skin
This is a very light highlighter/concealer with the trademark Anna Sui rose fragrance (all of her beauty products have a rose scent). If you have very dark undereye circles this product won't do much. As an eyelid brightener, it works well, as you can see below. Because it has a slight shimmery quality, it works well as a highlighter as well. It's a very subtle highlighter though, and gives a natural glow. So if you want a very natural glow or don't wear a lot of makeup, this is a nice option. For someone who wears makeup or has darker skin than I do, I recommend you pass on it.

It doesn't work effectively as a primer to keep your eyeshadow from fading or creasing but it works to provide you with a "blank canvas" so to speak for keeping your eyeshadow colours true. Think about using a paintbrush and dab of blue paint on a piece of white paper as compared to an off-white or pink or light brown piece of paper. Using a fleshtone base underneath your eyeshadow helps your eyeshadows come across as truer. 

Left eye - with eye brightner, right eye - without

To sum up, this is a nice product but perhaps unnecessary to many makeup collections. If you already have an eye primer or a fleshtoned base colour for use under your makeup or if you have a highlighter that you like to use on your browbones, inner eyes, cheekbones, temples, etc. you can skip this.


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