Wednesday, September 7, 2011

butter London Artful Dodger and Pink Ribbon Nailpolishes Review and Swatches

butter LONDON is an English nail polish company that makes its polishes without Formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (Phthales). They are also a stylish, fashion-forward brand with colours that rival such highly-anticipated brands as Chanel. 

I was recently sent a bottle of butter LONDON polish by to review. It's called Pink Ribbon and not a shade I'd normally wear but I tried it under a 1930's style manicure and it works well for that.

It's a very nude, sheer flesh-toned pink and goes on well, mostly because it's so sheer, you can't tell if it's streaky or not. Above I'm wearing Pink Ribbon with two coats. It would work well in a French manicure or under a glitter polish but it's not worth buying it to wear on its own. 

I recently discovered that a store I hadn't visited in a long time was carrying butter London polishes and products so I swatched a bunch of them and decided on Artful Dodger since it wasn't a shade I've owned before.

butter LONDON's names are a delight to an anglophile like me as well:  
  • Thames - London's legendary river
  • Chimney Sweep - watch Disney's 'Mary Poppins'
  • Primrose Hill Pink - after the hilly park in London
  • Saucy Jack - a nickname Jack the Ripper allegedly assigned to himself
  • MacBeth - Shakespeare's "Scottish" play
  • Old Blighty - a nickname for England
  • Artful Dodger - Charles Dickens' character from Oliver

Artful Dodger is described as a "true teal". In the photos below it looks much brighter than it does in natural light. I took a photo with flash and without flash to show the difference (below). 

butter LONDON bottles come with a cap over the twist-off lid. A charming little illustration lets you know how to get inside.

butter LONDON with flash, indoors

butter LONDON without flash, indoors
Artful Dodger went on evenly, although you want to use more rather than less product on the brush as it has a tendency to streak a little. It goes on quite well and you almost can get away with one coat. I did two coats as there were some patchy spots on my nails after just the one. The drying time was quick and it wears well. So far no chips or wear after three days. 

butter LONDON's Fall/Winter collection is out now and the colours are gorgeous, especially Wallis, Bluey and Toff. Check out their shade No More Waity, Katie, a nod of course to Kate Middleton and Prince William's nuptials in the spring.

Have you fallen for butter LONDON? What's your favourite shade? Tell us!


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