Monday, September 5, 2011

MAC Cockney Lipstick Review and Swatches

Classic make-up looks - liquid eye liner, 30s manicure, 20s and 30s looks - are so much fun to research and recreate. It feels good to look backwards for style tips, it makes you stand out from the crowd and gives you an understanding of what women like you in the past used to do make themselves look and feel better.

I love a red lip so I picked up a new red lipstick recently at MAC called Cockney. Here it is!

Cockney is a yellow-based red lustre lipstick with multidimensional pearl. Because it's a lustre, it's on the sheer side but it's got a surprising amount of pigment at the same time. There is some multicoloured glitter in the formula but it's not overly obvious - you can hardly see it. 

Cockney is yellow-based so that means it'll look good on warmer skin tones but it works on my cool skin tone probably because it's on the sheer side (and because of my warm-toned hair colour). In MAC terms, I wear an NW15 or 20 foundation. NW means "neutral warm", so the way MAC breaks it down makes it less cut-and-dry. According to MAC, my skin is beige-pink so I lean towards being cool-toned but can wear some colours that skew more warm-toned. The foundations and concealers I wear need to have a yellow content to counteract the pink in my T-zone and the purple under my eyes. 

There are "rules" when it comes to beauty, like cool skin tones needing to wear blue-based reds and warm skin tones needing to wear yellow-based reds, but you need to try things on to see if they work on you. You may be a cool skin tone or you may be a warm skin tone, but you more likely might be somewhere in between. 

Cockney swatched on the back of my hand (NW20)

Me wearing Cockney
Because Cockney is sheer, it's less dramatic than a matte red lip. For a modern look, the bolder the red lip, the more subtle you want the rest of your make-up to be. Cockney is on the sheer side, so I can get away with wearing a softly-smoky eye makeup (here, a combo of MAC's Prepped for Glamour and MAC's Satin Taupe) and a hint of blush (MAC's Stunner).

So there you have it. MAC's Cockney lipstick is part of their permanent collection. Check it out!


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  1. I love Cockney and agree with you, its a less bold way to wear a red lip. I personally love the shine it has to it.