Thursday, February 23, 2012

butter LONDON Knackered Review and Swatches

I got my hands on Knackered from butter LONDON's spring/summer collection! Or should I say I got butter LONDON's Knackered on my hands? Either way, here it is.

(And I love it!)

The butter LONDON website describes Knackered as a sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles. I'd describe it as a sheer blue/green iridescent shade, with multicoloured glitter. 

I've worn it a few times since getting it and I've been trying to figure out how it says "summer" and also how it says "knackered". The summer part I can see in that it's a fun, light and airy shade, and that people tend to be cheerful in warmer weather. But it's also probably more in line with the beach and the sea. 

As for knackered, I'm still not sure. I love the word though.

Here are some photos of the bottle, as I attempted to capture the different shades and angles of the polish. Iridescent shades can be tough to photograph.

And here it is on my fingernails, with three coats. This is as dark as it gets, so it's much lighter applied than it is in the bottle. Applied, it's mostly silvery with a green/purple sheen and also purple in some lights and green in others. And there's lots of glitter.

I'm not a big fan of glitter nailpolish as I don't like having lumpy nails, but I do love this shade. 

As with the other butter LONDON shades I've tried (Pink Ribbon, Artful Dodger and Wallis), Knackered went on very smoothly. If anything the consistency was too thin and I needed to add more coats to get the look I wanted. Sometimes I find with butter LONDON shades that once applied, the polish doesn't stick in some places. 

The wear of butter LONDON polishes is about average for me. Within a few days there is some chipping and after about four or five, I need to remove it.

Knackered is a beautiful, fun shade that can read edgy or subtle depending on the light.

Have you gotten your hands on the new butter LONDON colours yet? Have you tried Knackered? Let us know!



  1. Wow, stunning shade. I was expecting it to be quite a deep, brilliant blue from the way it looks in the bottle, but it applies quite sheer and packed with beautiful, multicoloured shimmer.

    1. It's very, very pretty. I too was anticipating a deeper colour from the way it looked in the bottle and in the photos on the butter LONDON website. I wear mainly deeper shades and metallics so I'm happy that this has that multi-dimensional silver quality to it!