Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Make-up with Marilyn

I recently watched the Oscar nominated film "My Week with Marilyn", and then came across this excellent and incredibly thorough tutorial on Marilyn Munroe's iconic makeup look from UK makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.

Marilyn Munroe

Actress Michelle Williams transforming into Marilyn for "My Week with Marilyn".

Not only is this tutorial well produced and shot, all the techniques are excellently demonstrated and explained by Eldridge. Eldridge has obviously done her research into the specifics of how Marilyn's look was constructed, and reveals many of the interesting tricks used to produce Marilyn's signature style. I was surprised to learn that Marilyn's make-up artist, Whitey Snyder, created the illusion of extremely full lashes in part by drawing in a false cast shadow on her lower eye line. Other, less theatrical tricks revealed by Eldridge could be used in everyday make-up, such as highlighting around the nose to create the sense of broader cheekbones.

Another aspect of this video I appreciate is the historical and personal context Eldridge gives us about Marilyn. It is well narrated and interesting beyond the expert make-up application.


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